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The Quarter Turn - Swagelok Western NY Customer Newsletter

June 2023

Pete Jobling: Supply Chain Stability

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In our Q1 newsletter, I mentioned that ‘product availability’ and ‘lead times’ were top of mind for our customer satisfaction survey respondents. I also shared supply chain strategies we are employing such as our forecasting and proactive ordering of stainless-steel tubing. In this issue I’d like to share Swagelok Company's revised approach to inventory management.

Historically, Swagelok’s core markets have followed a cyclical business pattern of growth and contraction. In turn, Swagelok, while still planning forward, would typically ramp up production during times of expansion and pull back when markets began to slow.

Then came the pandemic.

Fortunately, Swagelok’s forward planning ensured we could continue to support our customers while other companies struggled to deliver products. Instead of slowing production during the pandemic, Swagelok continued to build inventory in preparation for the inevitable demand for products once the pandemic threat passed. And Swagelok maintains that strategy today.

Steady State Strategy

Swagelok is committed to continuing what it terms a steady state strategy. Instead of chasing the peaks and valleys of the market, we will continue building inventory at a steady rate. The long run health of our core markets enables us to invest through the cycles. Investments continue to be made in larger platform, higher volume equipment.

Local Impact

The investments at the factory level will provide more product availability for Swagelok’s local sales and service centers. That allows us (Swagelok Western NY) to make long-term investments in inventory, equipment and services:

  • We continue to purchase tubing months in advance to ensure sufficient stock in our Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse warehouses.
  • 4 SWNY associates are currently enrolled in Swagelok’s Field Engineering certification program to expand our onsite service offerings.
  • Investments continue to be made in new equipment for our fabrication and assembly team.

This approach better positions Swagelok Western NY to work strategically with our customers through blanket ordering, inventory management, MRO planning and other customer inventory support initiatives. Let us know where you need help planning for your future growth.

Thank you for your business.....


Pete Jobling

President – Swagelok Western NY

[email protected]

Jeff Namy: Preventative Maintenance, MRO, Outage Planning

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Cost constraints and supply chain challenges have increased the importance of creating and maintaining a preventative maintenance program across your manufacturing operations. Specific to fluid systems, regulators, valves and hoses all require regular attention and inspection. In many cases, maintenance or repairs on these components can be performed at a low cost, and the payoff is enormous in terms of extended life.

A preventive maintenance plan can help supplement standard operating procedures by providing information on each individual fluid system component in your plant. This means:

  • Tracking the life and performance of the components
  • Inspecting them frequently
  • Replacing them proactively
  • Identifying key replacements to have at your facility

Keeping records of your preventive maintenance program will help you determine whether particular components are being replaced too often. In such cases, an analysis of the component can help you understand the frequency of replacement. Perhaps another component would be better suited to that application — allowing it to last longer and cost less over time.

Our field engineer, Derrick DiCesare, can perform evaluation and advisory services in your facility and help develop a custom maintenance plan for your systems.

Derrick will review specific systems along with all associated cables, fittings, and connections, then map out those systems. He will identify opportunities to change or enhance them and offer insights and reporting to customers focused on custom solutions and assembly recommendations.

Optimally, if the evaluation is conducted prior to a scheduled maintenance shutdown or outage, we can work with you to prioritize the new or replacement products identified and ensure they are delivered so your team can optimize their maintenance time.

Consider these tips for improving fluid system performance and let us know how we can assist with your next planned maintenance.


Jeff Namy

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

[email protected]

Product Spotlight: FK Series Tube Fittings

FK Series Tube Fitting Family

The above video describes the collaboartion between the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) and Swagelok, incorporating Swagelok’s FK series fittings within the Empa hydrogen solution. Using FK series fittings instead of traditional Swagelok tube fittings significantly eased installation, while improving leak-tightness, reliability, and safety.

Engineered Specifically for Hydrogen Applications

Swagelok’s FK series medium-pressure tube fittings aided in the development of the hydrogen economy through leak-tight hydrogen fluid connections that meet the requirements of EC-79 for performance at pressures up to 700 bar [10 150 psig] in hydrogen applications.

There are 4 qualities you should look for in fittings for hydrogen fuel cell technology:

  • Seal Tightness
  • Grip Strength (ensures robust vibration resistance)
  • Simple Installation
  • Corrosion Control

The design of Swagelok FK series fittings consists of a female fitting body and a preassembled cartridge containing the male nut and color-coded front and back ferrules on a disposable arbor. The preassembled cartridge ensures correct ferrule orientation, visual confirmation of ferrule presence, and proper installation into the female body. 

The benefits of the FK fittings design, which comes in straight, elbow and tee shapes:

  • Reduce installation time
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Vibration resistant
  • Leak tight
  • Low-temperature, case-hardened ferrules create high pressure ratings ideal for hydrogen storage both on board vehicles and within refueling infrastructure

Case Study: Measuring and Controlling Hydrogen Flow

Around the world, the race is on to harness hydrogen as a fuel. It is widely viewed as a promising alternative to fossil fuels, but it can be challenging to contain and control.

AVL, the world's largest independent customer for testing and simulation in the automotive industry, has been helping customers around the world to validate and certify hydrogen fuel systems. Learn how they're working with Swagelok Austria | AA-Solutions GmbH to find the expertise and support they need to build advanced testing equipment that is both reliable and leak-tight.

Measuring and Controlling Hydrogen Flow

At Swagelok WNY we’ve assisted numerous customers in support of a variety of hydrogen related projects from supplying Swagelok products to designing and building custom assemblies. This experience means we can assist with any hydrogen project including:

  • Electrolyzers
  • Micro-grids
  • Fuel Cells
  • Virtual Pipelines (tube trailers)
  • Refueling Stations (infrastructure)
  • FCEV Fuel Systems
  • Dispensers and Priority Panels

Clean Energy Fluid System Solutions

Upcoming Swagelok Webinars

Swagelok’s subject matter experts have been busy through the first 5 months of the year sharing their insights on webinars hosted by the likes of Chemical Processing, H2Tech, H2 View, Chemical Engineering, and Plant Services among others. This month Swagelok will host two of its own webinars:

Fluid System Components for H2 Applications: June 21 at 11am ET

Led by Chuck Hayes, Principal Applications Engineer for Clean Energy at Swagelok, this presentation will discuss the critical considerations for fluid system components (tube fittings, valves, regulators, and hoses) used in hydrogen applications and systems.

As a small-molecule gas, hydrogen can migrate through tiny crevices and diffuse into the materials designed to contain them. Also, high storage and dispensing pressures, as well as rapid thermal and pressure changes, are challenges for the processing of H2 as a fuel source. Specification of high-performing fluid system components designed for these challenging applications will help ensure the long-term, leak-tight operation of the system.


Selecting the Right Hoses to Keep Your Workers Safe and Facilities Operational: June 26

Bookmark Swagelok’s Webinars page and keep your fluid system design, operation, and maintenance skills up to date by attending or watching Swagelok webinars on demand. 

Chuck Hayes is a 31-year veteran of Swagelok Company, a world leader in the development of fluid system products, assemblies, and services. He has spent the last 25 years developing a wide range of fluid system products and the past 20 years focused exclusively on fitting technology for alternative fuel applications. Chuck currently holds 7 patents in the US and numerous patents internationally.

How to Reduce Fugitive Emissions

Left unchecked, fugitive emissions can jeopardize air quality and negatively impact your company’s profitability. Learn what fugitive emissions are and how to minimize them and their associated costs by addressing leaks and choosing low-E certified valves.

Watch the latest video from Swagelok: How to Reduce Fugitive Emissions

With over 15 years at Swagelok WNY, Regional Field Engineer Derrick DiCesare has conducted hundreds of leak detection tests across a wide variety of systems and facilities. When Derrick visits your site he will help you identify compressed gas leaks and quantify leak rates so you can prioritize the most critical issues to address, based on safety, cost, and productivity.

Learn more:

Oil, Gas and Chemical Solutions from Swagelok

There are many challenges inherent to accessing, transporting, and refining the reserves that fuel our world. Finding resources means drilling deeper wells in more remote locations. Dealing with higher temperatures and pressures. Operating in highly corrosive and dangerous environments. All while ensuring environmental safety and sustainability practices.

Swagelok Western NY offers an extensive portfolio of:

  • Locally stocked, high-quality fluid system products
  • Fully engineered assemblies
  • Access to local fluid system experts
  • Deep knowledge of relevant applications

This new video details how Swagelok is an integral part of the entire process from building the infrastructure to getting the resource out of the ground to its transportation, storage, and delivery to the refinery and further downstream processes where it is turned into a myriad of finished consumer products.

Learn more about Swagelok’s involvement in the Oil and Gas and Chemical markets.

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