What We Are Learning


Students will continue to focus on rounding at the start of this week while also practicing their multi-digit subtraction with strategies. After rounding, we move from place value understanding into our multiplication introduction unit. Students will define multiplication and think of multiplication in different ways, such as multiplicative comparisons. Ex: 30 is 6 times as many as 5 because 30=6x5.

Assessment #2 - Thursday, September 8th - Multi-Digit +/- and Rounding


Students will continue our focus on the solar system and space by comparing and contrasting stars and planets. We will not learn about specific planets this week, but will do that the following week. This week focuses on stars and planets similarities and differences.

Quiz #3 - Stars vs. Planets - Friday, September 9th

Assessment #1 to happen next week - September 12-16 - encompasses ALL space standards learned thus far

Social Studies:

Students will continue their learning of the American Revolution by focusing on the Declaration of Independence this week.

Assessment #1 - to happen next week - September 12-16 - encompasses the entire American Revolution



What We Are Learning


Students are learning this week the order of adjectives in sentences. Students will learn and discuss that they often use more than one adjective to describe a noun, However, there is a correct way to put the adjectives in order. The rank is opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose. We will practice this skill all week. For reading, we are still focusing on informational texts while determining the main idea, summarizing and drawing inferences. However, the main focus is knowing that summarizing is restating the main idea and key details, which is crucial for students to deepen the understanding of the information they read.


Opinion Writing quiz on 9/6/2022- Final draft for the opinion writing on the shift in celebrating Labor Day