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Proposed MBMS Bell Schedules

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Below is an excerpt from our Position Paper on the Proposed Changes to the MBMS Bell Schedule.

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For all the perceived and stated priorities that are potentially improved by the proposed MBMS bell schedules, the overall detriment to the district curriculum far exceeds any benefit that has been touted by the administration. It is undisputed that the proposed MBMS bell schedules would eliminate essential access to electives. Therefore, any laudable benefits come at too great a price. None of the potential costs – financial, social or educational – have been analyzed, rendering the promised savings nothing more than theoretical. Most problematically, the overall wellness of the student population is improperly ignored. While the current bell schedule has its issues, neither proposed schedule addresses these deficiencies in an acceptable way. At the same time, alternative schedules that do have the potential to meet all stated needs were apparently never considered. Any solution must bring the positive revisions without sacrificing the good things that already exist at MBMS. For these reasons, we are compelled to conclude that both proposed bell schedules are fatally flawed, and should not be adopted by the District because they are not right for our community, as a whole, or for MBMS students, in particular.

Furthermore, our recommendation is for the formation of a more robust and representative committee that will look at the issue afresh, and take into account the perspectives of all impacted parties (including administrators, teachers, parents and students), consider alternative structures that would meet all needs, and incorporate into the effort the impact of the imminent, state-imposed later start times for the high school. This newly formed, representative effort should be able to arrive at an informed, equitable solution that addresses all needs. 

You can view the School Board's full discussion of the proposed changes to the MBMS Bell Schedule by clicking HERE.

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