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Available In-Person (with PPE) or Online via Zoom anywhere in the world.l

6 Week Healthy Eating and Body Image Recovery Program with

Kryssa Marie Bowman, RTTP CHyp


Use the Power Of Your Own Subconscious Mind To:

1-) Identify your particular food sensitivities with Dr Lou Walters, ND of The Source Wellness Center

2-) Discover and Release the Self-Limiting Beliefs That Have Kept You From Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

3-) Permanently Eliminate Unhealthy Food Cravings!

4-) Rebalance Your Metabolism and Reset Cortisol and Insulin Levels.

5-) Install Healthy New Beliefs, Increase Your Self-Confidence and Reinstall Love For Yourself and Your Body!

6-) Join a private and supportive Facebook community group of others on the same journey.

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1 Wellness Session and Nutrition Counseling with Dr. Lou Walters, ND =normally $150

Food Sensitivities Lab Work =normally $259

3 Individual One-on-One Hypnotherapy Sessions with Kryssa Marie Bowman = normally $280 each

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2 Personalized Hypnotic Audio Recordings =normally $49 each

1 Customized Yoga Session, Recorded for You to Use Anytime =normally $139

6 weeks Coaching via email, phone and text = normally $820


S.M.A.R.T. Accountability Journal = Free

Membership in Private Facebook Community Group = Free

Shrink Me! Program = $1500

Every Morning: You set your intention for the day in your Accountability Journal and track your S.M.A.R.T. progress (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic)

Every Meal: You squeeze your fist to remind your stomach of how much food it actually needs, and repeat a hypnotic mantra that installs self-love, appreciation for nourishing foods and boosts your metabolism.

Every Evening: You listen to your personalized hypnotic audio recordings that bring your conscious and subconscious mind into complete alignment , and it also helps you get a wonderful nights sleep every night!

No Dieting. No Calorie Counting. No Macros. No Guilt. No Shame.

100% purely positive resources, tools and empowering beliefs!

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Space Limited Due to Personalized Nature of Program

So Book Your DISCOVERY-CALL Today!

Program offered is $2400.00/*$1500 for 6 week option. Must be approved. Not suitable for everyone.

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* Intake session with Kryssa and lab test mailed out.

* RTT Hypnotherapy session to find core issues.

* Diagnosis of lab tests and nutritional counseling with Dr. Lou Walters, ND

* Mindscaping session to overcome obstacles to achieving your ideal weight, size and shape.

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* Yoga consult with Randi Williams and personalized yoga video

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching session with Kryssa on real world tools you can use to crush food cravings forever.

* Cellular Command Hypnotherapy Session with Kryssa to reset and rebalance your metabolism with audio recording.


* RTT Hypnotherapy session with Kryssa to install self-love and heal your body image issues with audio recording.

You Have Every Tool You Need to Continue On This Journey of Self-Love, Self-Honor, Self-Acceptance and Living YOUR Best Life!

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