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The Capital Markets in One Search Engine!

Slide decks are great resources for market research and inspiration, but finding what you need in them can be a struggle and usually takes time. Quartr Web App, used by IROs from Zscaler, Byline Bank, Epiroc and many others, provides all slide decks from 8,000 public companies in one place – with several advanced search features.

That's right. Each slide in the Quartr database is extracted from its PDF, making every mention from millions of slides searchable. This enables you to search for anything: a metric, a competitor, a specific topic, or even a product. For example, by searching for “Financial Targets” you get all financial target-related slides across the public markets aggregated within seconds.

For added precision you can also filter your search by company, event type, geography, industry, and time frame – making sure your time is spent on what matters most. 

I use Quartr primarily to help in creating impactful investor messaging and building slide decks. I’ve been pleased with the service and the user experience is terrific. In seconds, I can see how companies / peers message to topics in their slide decks – such as ESG, competitive advantage, AI, and long-term targets. It shows you, on one page, such slides from dozens of companies. This has saved me time, given me ideas, and has significantly streamlined slide creation. They also have document search capabilities across transcripts, annual reports, and so on. I use their mobile app to listen to peer earnings calls and read peer Analyst Days while on the road. I have also been delighted by how they have rapidly implemented new features, based on customer feedback, such as automatically adding peer events (e.g., earnings calls) to my calendar, when the events become available.

Jack Huddleston

Senior Manager of Investor Relations, Zscaler