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How does YOUR company stack up? The Next Level Marketing Self Assessment covers over 50 different elements of a solid marketing program for any small business or non profit organization. Don’t worry if you have a lot of “No” answers – this tool was specifically designed to give you a blueprint for taking your company’s marketing program to the next level!


You know your marketing isn't working, but you don't know why.

There could be many reasons why your marketing isn't working. Are you talking to the right people? Is your message clear? Do people know what action you want them to take? Is your brand inconsistent? Are you using the right strategies to reach your ideal prospects?

The Next Level Marketing Self-Assessment is the first step to figuring out why you are frustrated with the results you are getting.


You can't fix what you don't know is broken.

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Think of your marketing program like a rowboat with holes in it. Putting a patch on only one hole doesn't prevent your boat from sinking. You need to identify and fix ALL of the holes.

That's what you can do with the Next Level Marketing Self Assessment: identify all of the holes to that are making your marketing program leak time and money.

You will probably have a lot of "no" answers on the Self Assessment. That's okay. Most of the business owners I work with have a lot of "no" answers. That's the point - to find the gaps in your marketing program. Your secrets are safe with me - the results of your assessment will stay just between us.

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Unique Solutions for Your Small Business Marketing

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I’ve been helping small business owners just like you for over 25 years. I’ve heard people just like you tell me how they have spent hundreds – or thousands – of dollars on marketing and advertising strategies that didn’t work. I’ve seen people just like you frustrated and angry that they can’t get the help they need at an affordable price. And I’ve watched owners just like you give up on trying to grow their businesses because they don’t know what to do first – or next.

Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Take your first step by downloading the Marketing Self Assessment. Return it to me ([email protected]) for a FREE 30 minute review and action plan!