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By clicking and paying the sum of $35, you agree to be part of Pralarg International USA volunteers, an organization that was started to create lasting peace to human existence through peacebuilding, enlightenment, human rights advocacy, empowerment, mediation, recreation and reintegration


Pralarg International Ambassador

Each Pralarg Member is a volunteer, an ambassador of peace, care and love, ready to visit any where in the world for peacebuilding


Human Rights Advocate

Each member of the organization would be empowered to advocate for the defense of human rights as provided for in the Universal declaration of human Rights and entrenched in the Constitution of the country


Mediator and Care Giver

.Each Member would be given equal opportunity to capacity building and training to mediate in conflicts. They will also provide care and assistance to the poor and vulnerable in the society, as well as render voluntary services through the numerous rehabilitation and integration programmes for ex-convicts that are regularly carried out by the organization

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