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How SNO Makes Training Simple


Consumer-focused Support

When it comes to learning how to implement SNO’s solution, many clients have asked, “How easy is it to train our staff?” Our dedicated team of professionals came up with the answer: Offer multiple training modules based on every style of learning and build an IT department within the solution.

One of our missions here at Simplified Nutrition Online is to take the burden off of you and your facility to manage any solution issues, hence why our integral IT department soothes most technical woes. If you have a question, we have a Help Desk, and our phone systems direct our customers to find any additional support when needed. The best part is, our solution does not charge for any extra training or support.

SNO is dedicated to equipping your facility with the best training possible. With our 24/7 customer service, we provide unlimited online training sessions using webinar services, answered by industry professionals including Dietary Managers, Registered Dieticians and computer support technicians.  Missed a training opportunity? No problem, we have several resources for you to go back and reference. We share your perspective when it comes to answering your training questions and our job is to make your job easier as our valued customer.


Training to Fit any Learning Style

Whether you are an audio, visual, or hands-on learner, we understand your unique style of learning. We make it a point to provide you with a variety of up-to-date training modules. Our Dietary Trainers provide orientation for new SNO customers using the SNO Menu Publisher and SNO Resident Manager within their facility.SNO Orientation involves individual and group WebEx sessions to assist in smooth transitioning and implementation. Upon completion of training and orientation, Facility Managers sign a release indicating that they have been properly trained and are in compliance of our training mandates.

Additionally, clinical customers can view SNO’s online library of training videos, manuals, Frequently-Asked-Questions and other resources such as our newsletters, trainer’s tips, and social media posts. 

Missed a training event? We have pre-recorded lessons to fit any busy schedule. Furthermore, when it’s necessary with larger corporations, our goal is to work with the trainers in your corporation or facility. Through these training expansion efforts, we have tools that can be utilized by your training department for face-to-face training, making the training process smoother and more user-friendly, especially for any hands-on learner.


SNO’s Mission is to Work with You and For You

Strong customer service relationships are a top priority of SNO. We are markedly different from our competitors simply because of our word-of-mouth reliability and high customer retention rate. Most of our competitors focus on sales and getting new customers in the door. Our focus is not just on sales, but also on keeping you informed and up-to-speed with the technology and regulatory changes that affect your industry. We want to proactively identify issues and address them to prevent customer dissatisfaction so we periodically contact our users to help identify further areas of training needed, including a brief satisfaction survey. In so doing, we can better assess and identify topics and issues to make training adjustments or enhancements, as needed. 


In Summary

 Here at SNO, we don’t merely provide software—we provide on-going training and we are always looking for ways to build stronger relationships with our customers!

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