Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, Sacramento County's COVID restriction level has been reclassified to the "purple tier," once again disallowing our In-Studio classes. We are certainly disappointed by this, but we are grateful that our initial studio opening, although brief, went very smoothly, and when we are allowed to open again, we will be all set to go! In the meantime, we hope to see you in our virtual classes.

Wishing you all the best and reminding you of the wise words, "This too shall pass".


Your Lotus Garden Team



When In-Studio classes resume, we will continue to offer our virtual classes simultaneously.

Below are our procedures and precautions when we resume operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read through them before attending our In-Studio classes. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Studio tour and covid policy video.png

In-Studio Procedures and Precautions for COVID-19

Uddhava, director of LGMC, has prepared a video that walks you through the studio and explains the protocols we have put in place. Click the image to view or click here.

Please read through the detailed list below of all the things we are doing to keep our studio safe for you as well as the responsibilities of each student when they attend class.

Policies subject to change. Note that we have reconsidered our plan to have the back door open throughout all classes. The door may be open during daytime classes, but we will close it after dark due to the cooler weather as well as in the interest of safety. The air purifier we've purchased for the studio will be constantly purifying the air of viruses and other contaminants, so even with the back door closed, the air will be purified continuously for you. See our policy document to learn more about the air purifier.

Precautions we are taking:

  • A maximum of 10 students will be admitted to attend in-studio classes with mats spaced 6 feet apart.

  • Our check-in staff will be wearing a mask at all times in our studio.  

  • We have installed sneeze guard windows at the front desk.  

  • We have covered the front desks with glass tops so they can be sanitized with CDC approved Super-Sani sheets for each class.  

  • Each staff, teacher and student will have temperatures taken upon entry.

  • We have hired a cleaning crew to deep clean and sanitize the entire studio once a day. All cleaning products used are CDC approved for Covid-19 sanitizing. 

  • Between back to back classes, we will sanitize all touch screens, door handles and other common touch areas, bathroom and the floor areas where yoga mats are.

  • We have purchased a high-end air purifying system for the studio that will run in the yoga room 24 hours a day. It is designed to purify a 2400 square feet space. Developed with Nasa technology and FDA approved. It uses 4 means of purification processes: Titanium rods, UV lights, Charcoal and Hepa filters. It has been tested using FDA approved laboratories for its effectiveness. 

  • Front entry has a touchless hand sanitizer floor unit and there are several hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio. 

  • We have installed touchless soap dispensers in the bathrooms.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Pre-registration is required for each class and purchases need to be made online - there will be no drop ins at this time. Registration for in-studio classes will open 5 days before the scheduled class. The cancellation policy can be found below.

  • Masks are required for all students at all times in the Lotus Garden Studio (The teacher will be teaching the class without a mask but will resume wearing mask before and after teaching). We recommend a workout-friendly mask such as these ones sold by Athleta. We will reassess our mask policy after the first couple months.

  • Maximum of 2 students in the registration area at a time.  

  • Our staff will take your temperature upon arrival with a touchless thermometer. If it is over 100.3 degrees you will not be admitted. 

  • Please be mindful of 6-foot distancing at all times.

  • Sanitize your hands or wash hands upon entering yoga room. The front entry has a touchless hand sanitizer floor unit and there are several hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio.

  • Bring your own water bottle, mat, and props to class with you. We have removed the water filling station for now and will no longer use loaner mats and props. All yoga supplies such as mats, bolsters, blocks, and straps are now for sale in the mat room. 

  • We recommend you keep your personal things by your mat space to limit hallway traffic. (the 6 ft distancing allows for plenty of room by your mat area).

  • Please keep all visiting outside. Doors open for class 15 minutes prior to class start. Please leave the studio right after class to say hello outdoors.  

Do not attend in-studio classes if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you or anyone in your household has symptoms of sickness or you are not feeling well for any reason. 

  • If you or anyone you have been in contact with is suspected of having COVID-19, has tested positive for COVID-19, or is awaiting results. Do not attend in-studio classes for 14 days from your last contact and until you are clear or test negative.

Cancellation policy for In-Studio Classes:

Registration for in-studio classes will open 5 days before the scheduled class. Students who pre-register for an in-studio class and cannot attend must “early cancel” themselves from the class on MindBody online a minimum of 6 hours prior to the start of class. Early cancellations will be credited to your account. Late cancellations or no-shows will result in the loss of one class from a 10-class pass or a $10 charge to your credit card or account for New Student Special or Monthly Unlimited clients. We mention this as encouragement to only sign-up for classes you can attend, due to the class size limit.

If you become ill and are beyond the cancellation period, please call us and we will make exceptions as needed. Do not come to class if you are not feeling well. 

The following schedule is effective starting November 9th and is subject to change.

Visit our website for the view the most current schedule and to register.

Lotus Garden Yoga Class Schedule - SOFT OPENING.jpg

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work to make in-person yoga an option again for our community! We can't wait to see you!