Take control of your love life,

so people won't play games with your heart.

Online Course Overview


Take Control Now!

Steps to Find True Love is a repeatable 5-Step process delivered to you in a quick but powerful video series.

Your course modules are:

Hope & Healing

This section clears the mess of your past heartbreaks to help you set a solid foundation.

Step 1: Foundation

This step establishes a strong base for lifelong love in your heart and spirit.

Step 2: Validation

This step establishes a nonnegotiable portrait of yourself to present to the love of your life, and the picture of a match for you that will stand the test of time.

Step 3: Preparation

This step makes your journey less daunting and much more fun! You will become more focused and able to identify your special someone with confidence. Stop playing relationship roulette; your life is on the line!

Step 4: Confirmation

By this step, you have found someone who is intriguing to you, and it's time to uncover truths about your new love. Early discovery is key to longevity. Apply what you’ve learned to determine debt, to assess abusive and emotional issues, to foresee infidelity, and to ensure that you’re choosing love for the right reasons. Use your training to establish Lifelong Love!

Step 5: Illumination

True love is based on truth; truth is light and it is time to shed light on anything and everything that can bond or break you. What you learn in this step about each other will give you the confidence to go the distance, or the revelation that you are meant for different paths. Embrace truth!

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Find True Love Testimonial


"When I went through my process after my divorce, it was hard! I couldn't see past the love I lost, but that kept my heart captive from finding real love. The first steps of Find True Love restored my heart. I was able to become whole again, and yes, I found my Boo!

Thank God for you, Promise of Love!"

- Tamara K.


“Applicable advice in a Christian-themed class… LOVED IT!!! I learned many valuable lessons of wisdom, like questions I should ask myself in my season of singleness. This course helped me navigate my own emotions, convictions, and desires as I prepare for the man God has sent for me.”

- Raven U.


From the Founders of Lifelong Love...

Steps to Find True Love is a proven process to help you

chart the course of your love life.

No more guessing. No more games. Date with Confidence!