Four pillars have been identified as paramount to the school's success.


JPPS-Bialik will:

  • Deepen and enhance the IB Programme.
  • Expand targeted and intentional instruction for students of varying levels and ability.
  • Strengthen students’ executive functioning through the expansion of the SMARTS program and an increased focus on study skills and social/emotional learning.
  • Develop literacy skills assessments across all grade levels that help us best support our learners.
  • Commit to providing individualized and targeted professional development opportunities for staff.


JPPS-Bialik will:

  • Strengthen the culture of kindness, respect and empathy within our school community.
  • Develop opportunities for students to nurture their physical and mental health.
  • Prioritize digital citizenship and social media education, health, and safety for all students.


JPPS-Bialik will:

  • Develop a case for support and an annual strategic development plan.
  • Grow the school’s culture of philanthropy through a focus on relationship-based fundraising and donor engagement.
  • Commit to ongoing professional development and training opportunities for board members and volunteers.
  • Develop clarity around the strategy for current investments and exploration of a strategy for long-term endowment growth.


JPPS-Bialik will:

  • Instill a lasting connection to the modern state of Israel in the minds and hearts of all students.
  • Strengthen our commitment to being a more environmentally conscious school, with an emphasis on personal responsibility.
  • Elevate our existing philosophy on giving back and Tikun Olam.
  • Enhance engagement in our community and the work we do as a community.