Carol Clark, Presbytery Builder: My Story and My Job

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Hi, my name is Carol Clark and I work for the Presbytery part-time in the job named “Presbytery Builder”. Julie Price, our Presbytery connector, asked me to explain what my job is. Actually, my job is YOU and YOUR CHURCH.   

I have spent all 31 years of my ministry with a passion flowing through my work to reach out and connect with people who need to know about Jesus Christ and/or to experience the incredible grace that I have experienced through the arms of the church and the people of Jesus Christ. I have been the ‘called and installed pastor’ to a small church in a very rural area, a new church development in a small town, and a redevelopment congregation in an area outside of a larger city. In all three churches we experienced together as a congregation the joy of growing, not only in number, but also in mission, service, and faith development.

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I would LOVE to come and visit with you, your session and anyone else interested in talking about things that lead to church growth and vitality. I can share tools you can use that I think are and have been helpful to me and others. I can introduce you to MissionInsite which is an exceptionally fine demographics program, and we can chart a direction for you. I can sneak in and visit your worship one day to resource you in that way. I am a good listener and always ready to talk with a pastor who has had a rough day or is dealing with a tricky problem. I know the challenge of being a pastor and how much it helps to talk things through with a listening and sympathetic ear. 

YOU are my job. After COVID settles down, I want to be out on the road, filling your pulpit to give the pastor a break, filling in for your musician one Sunday to give them a break, visiting with you in fellowship and listening to your hopes and dreams for your church. So, part of your job is to help me define my job in relationship to you.  I look forward to a chance to visit with you. I love to be on the phone, Facebook and talking in person, and I am a definite night owl.   My email is and my phone number is 501-563-6279.

Hope to visit with you soon!