2023 Awards Breakfast a Great Success; Many Honored

ORLANDO -- "Inspiring" and "memorable" were among the adjectives used by attendees to describe March 24's "2023 Florida Safety Council Awards Breakfast" honoring safety professionals and the safety industry.

Keynote speaker Olja Correa had the audience alternately laughing, then crying, as she recounted her journey from war-torn Yugoslavia to her proud citizenship in the United States and her service in the U.S. Army before joining OSHA a decade ago. She stressed the importance of hard work, "embracing who you are," and never giving up on your dreams.

Following Olja's presentation, Melissa Walsh received the 2023 Sara Griffin-Hughes Award for exemplary safety service to the community. Thiry-three-year-old Melissa, who became a quadriplegic at age 18 after making the decision to drink and drive, now lectures at venues throughout central Florida, warning teens that they do not want to end up in her position. She is an integral part of the Safety Council's Victim Awareness Program. Melissa's powerful story was recounted in the March edition of The Safety Newsletter.

For the 70th year in a row, the Council also recognized superior safety performance by companies and safety professionals in the State of Florida. Dozens of applicants vied for recognition in nine categories.

“We had a great response to this year’s awards’ competition and it’s clear that our members are more focused than ever on building a safe and secure workplace, as well as expanding their own knowledge and impact,” said Chris Earl, Florida Safety Council Executive Director.

Chris and the Awards Committee met on Feb. 28 to select the winners, who were honored for their 2022 safety achievements at the March 24 Gala.

The Florida Safety Council Awards Committee takes great pleasure in announcing the following winners for the 2022-23 safety year:

Outstanding Lost Time Prevention:

Gold--Shimmick CFX Toll Operations

Silver--RUSH Construction

Bronze--Commercial Millworks, Inc.

Honorable mentions:

Dassault Aircraft Services-Stuart

Woodard & Curran Inc. 


Lost Time Prevention:

Commercial Millworks, Inc.

Dassault Aircraft Services-Stuart

RUSH Construction

Shimmick CFX Toll Operations


Vermeer MV Solutions

Woodard & Curran Inc. 


Vehicle Fleet Safety:

Gold--Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Silver--Woodard & Curran Inc.

Bronze-- Vecenergy

Honorable mentions:

Ivey's Construction, Inc.

RUSH Construction


Corporate Safety Achievement Level 1:

Gold--Ivey's Construction, Inc. 

Silver--Woodard & Curran Inc. 


Honorable mentions:

RUSH Construction 

Shades of Green Resort


Corporate Safety Achievement Level 2:

Gold--Collins Aerospace

Silver--Delaware North Companies

Bronze--Nautique Boat Company


Corporate Safety Achievement Level 3:

Gold--Pasco County Public Infrastructure Safety

Silver-Westgate Resorts

Bronze--Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Westside Foods


COSS Excellence in Safety Award:

Vermeer MV Solutions---recipient—David Adams


COSS Course Scholarship Award:

Shades of Green Resort--recipient—Cory Scott


Safety Leadership Award:

The Walt Disney Company--recipient—Joseph Klein

Honorable mentions:

Magic Kingdom Park--Tomorrowland Merchandise--Chris Wolf

The Walt Disney Company--Elizabeth Maclaughlin

Magic Kingdom Park--Fantasyland Merchandise--Brad Koronka

RUSH Construction--Shawn Lucas

Shades of Green Resort--Brad Adams

Vecenergy--Marquis Anderson

Nautique Boat Company--Anna Fullen

The Walt Disney Company--Tim Derolf

Woodard & Curran Inc.--John Sowka

Pasco County Public Infrastructure Safety--Jeffrey Brockman

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Our 2021 Winners

Lost Time Prevention Category: Certificate of Recognition


RUSH Construction


Commercial Millworks

Shimmick CFX Toll Operations

Outstanding Lost Time Prevention

GOLD: RUSH Construction

SILVER: Vecenergy

BRONZE: Commercial Millworks

Outstanding Lost Time Prevention: Honorable Mention

Shimmick CFX Toll Operations

Vehicle Fleet Safety

GOLD: RUSH Construction

SILVER: Shimmick CFX Toll Operations

BRONZE: Vecenergy

Corporate Safety

GOLD: RUSH Construction

SILVER: Disney Magic Kingdom Park Tomorrowland Foods/Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe Complex

BRONZE: Nautique

Corporate Safety: Honorable Mention

Shades of Green

Pasco County Public Infrastructure Branch

Jacobs Technology, Inc. Jacobs Space Operations Group

Mitsubishi Power, LTD.

COSS Course Scholarship

Shades of Green--Ms. Kelsey Stone

COSS Course Scholarship Runner Up

Mitsubishi Power - Mr. Robert Betz

Safety Leadership: Winner

Pasco County Public Infrastructure Branch - Mr. Jeffrey Brockman

Safety Leadership: Honorable Mention

RUSH Construction - Shawn Lucas

Shades of Green - Marie Felton

Nautique - Anna Fullen

Magic Kingdom Entertainment and Imaging - Rachel Quinn

Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort - Mr. Casey Malone

Mitsubishi Power, LTD. - Chris Robinson 

Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort - Mr. Cody Krueger

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort - Mehdi Abrache

Our 2020 Winners

Corporate Safety Achievement Award: 


GOLD:  TCS Communications

SILVER: RUSH Construction


Certificate of Recognition: LEVEL I

Carroll Bradford, Inc.

Carroll Bradford Roofing

Ivey's Construction


Woodard & Curran

Corporate Safety Achievement Award: 


GOLD: Trademark Metals Recycling, LLC

SILVER: Mitsubishi Power Systems

BRONZE: J.A. Croson

(No certificates of recognition for category II)

Corporate Safety Achievement Award: 


GOLD: Jacobs Technology-Jacobs Space Operations

SILVER: Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom-Digital Photo

BRONZE: Walt Disney World-Magic Kingdom-Fantasyland-Pinnochio-Village House Complex 

Certificate of Recognition: LEVEL III

Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts-Epcot

Outstanding Lost Time: 36 months 

GOLD: RUSH Construction

SILVER: Commercial Millworks

BRONZE: Trademark Metals-Punta Gorda

Certificate of Recognition:

Outstanding Lost Time

Shimmick CFX Toll Operations


TCS Communications 

Certificate of Recognition: Lost Time Prevention

Carroll Bradford, Inc.

Carroll Bradford Roofing


Woodard & Curran

TCS Communications


RUSH Construction

Shimmick CFX Toll Operations

Commercial Millworks

J.A. Croson

Mitsubishi Power Systems

FLEET Safety:

GOLD: Carroll Bradford, Inc.

SILVER: Ivey's Construction

BRONZE: RUSH Construction

Certificate of Recognition: Fleet Safety

Carroll Bradford Roofing

Commercial Millworks


TCS Communications


Woodard & Curran

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Excellence Award:

Michael Garner-Walt Disney World

Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Excellence Award: Certificate of Recognition

Sheila Rivera, Mitsubishi Power Systems

Patrick Manning, J.A. Croson

Jeff Rogers, Carroll Bradford, Inc.



Anne Kington-Mitsubishi Power Systems

Certificate of Recognition: SAFETY LEADERSHIP AWARD

Linda Garcia, Walt Disney World

Andrew Ulang, Walt Disney World

Rachel Quinn, Walt Disney World

Cabel Kronkel, Walt Disney World

Patrick Manning, J.A. Croson

Harold Goodie, Perma-Liner

Tom Hecker, Vecenergy

Jeff Rogers, Carroll Bradford, Inc.

Steve Schwab, Woodard & Curran

COSS Scholarship

Matt Maldenado-Mitsubishi Power Systems