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March 19-20, 2024

SuiteScript Deep Dive

Join us for a comprehensive SuiteScript Deep-Dive: Map/Reduce and Client Scripts Event tailored for NetSuite Developers. This immersive course is designed for individuals with a strong foundation in Javascript and some experience with SuiteScript. Get ready for a code-intensive and hands-on training experience that will elevate your SuiteScript proficiency.

Event Overview:

This course is structured in an instructor-led format, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning environment. The training will include prompts for hands-on exercises, group Q&A sessions, and individual assistance as needed, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your specific needs.

222 S Mill Ave, Suite 800, Tempe, AZ 85281
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Mar 19, 2024 08:00am MT - Mar 20, 2024 04:00pm MT

$950.00 - $1,520.00

It's not uncommon to encounter budget constraints when seeking approval for professional development. To help you tackle this challenge, we've developed a template for you to present to your employer to showcase the return on investment of attending the SuiteScript training event.

Day 1 - Map/Reduce Scripts:

  • Comprehensive Understanding:
  • Gain a thorough overview of the Map/Reduce script type.
  • Script Suitability Determination:
  • Learn how to determine the suitability of Map/Reduce scripts for specific use cases.
  • Bulk Processing Alternatives:
  • Explore alternatives for bulk processing and understand when Map/Reduce scripts are the most effective.
  • Cost and Benefits Analysis:
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the costs and benefits associated with using Map/Reduce scripts.
  • Deep Technical Dive:
  • Engage in a deep dive into the technical aspects of Map/Reduce scripts.
  • Phases Execution Exploration:
  • Explore each phase of script execution, enhancing your understanding through theory and hands-on exercises.
  • Hands-On Experience:
  • Participate in hands-on exercises to reinforce theoretical knowledge.
  • Interactive Learning:
  • Engage in group Q&A sessions and receive individual assistance to enhance your learning experience.

Day 2 - Client Scripts:

  • In-Depth Overview:
  • Receive an in-depth overview of Client Scripts.
  • Event-Based Programming:
  • Understand the principles of event-based programming and its applications in Client Scripts.
  • Benefits and Shortcomings:
  • Explore the benefits and shortcomings of Client Scripts for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Entry Point Events Mastery:
  • Master Entry Point Events and understand how they function in Client Scripts.
  • Event Chains Understanding:
  • Gain insights into event chains and learn strategies to navigate them effectively.
  • Effective Debugging Techniques:
  • Acquire practical skills in debugging Client Scripts using console techniques.
  • User Interaction Proficiency:
  • Learn to interact effectively with users through messages, dialogs, and other interactions.
  • Sublist Events and Promise APIs:
  • Explore Sublist Events and leverage Promise APIs for efficient scripting.

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