This live event took place on Saturday January 22, 2022.

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"You have done a great job at spreading this information. I would absolutely recommend the webinar to other cancer patients!!! It was enlightening."

- Elena R.

Dear cancer patients and loved ones,

This Live Event took place on January 22nd 2022, but you can still sign up and we will email you the webinar recording (free!). You will come away informed about the newest treatments for AML and how to get access them.

We believe that all cancer patients should have as much knowledge as possible about how to get the very best cancer care. So sign up and check your email inbox for the webinar replay video.


Michelle Morand (MA, RCC)

CTOAM co-founder and cancer care specialist

Our team has over 55 years combined experience.

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Get Ready! Our LIVE Event is Packed with Knowledge

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Acute Myeloid Leukemia 101

Learn the ins and outs of what AML is, how it forms, and why certain treatments stop working – and why others just don’t work at all for certain patients. We’re going to cover all of this! Plus...

2. New treatment updates

You’ll hear all about the most current and effective treatments for all types of AML and how to access them.

3. Patient stories that offer hope

Hear stories of AML patients we have helped recently – and the exact steps taken to get them the right treatment, extend their life significantly, and even enter long-term remission.

4. Live consult! 

Our cancer expert, Alex Rolland, will be offering two attendees a FREE consultation, live, during the webinar. This will help us give you a real time example of the things that are most important for you to understand about your test results and treatment options and it will help you have more confidence in the questions you need to ask your doctor; what you need to be paying attention to; what info you’re supposed to get from a PET/CT, pathology, and genetic testing; why certain treatments are recommended over others; and a better understanding of when, and how, to need step in and advocate for yourself!

5. Live Q and A

And, after we’ve shared the newest treatment options, and some examples of how beneficial they can be, we’ll open up the meeting so that you can ask any questions you have about your own cancer care and get real time feedback from Alex. This is a great opportunity to ask an expert about your cancer, for free!

“Thank you so much for holding this live webinar. Your presentation is probably the best I've ever attended. I felt so confident with the information that you and Alex shared.”

– Laureen S.

Hosted By Michelle Morand and Alex Rolland

Co-Founders & Cancer Care Specialists at CTOAM


Alex Rolland, co-founder and CEO

Director of Scientific Research

Our founder and cancer research expert, Alex Rolland, has 25+ years experience as a highly respected research scientist in cancer and oncogenomics. He has spent time both on the frontlines with patients in hospitals and in labs researching the newest diagnostic and treatment advancements. Alex has developed highly successful treatment plans for oncologists and patients at leading cancer centres around the world, including the Mayo Clinic (USA), Johns Hopkins (USA), MD Anderson (USA), BC Cancer Agency (BC, Canada), among many others. He is recognized among the best in the industry as an expert and thought leader.


Michelle Morand, co-founder and Cancer Care Specialist

Michelle Morand is the Co-Founder and Cancer Care Specialist at Cancer Treatment Options and Management (CTOAM). She has helped hundreds of cancer patients in over 26 countries, with over 53 types of cancer at all stages, to far outlive their doctors’ predictions. Even stage 4 cancer patients have completely recovered by using CTOAM’s unique 7-step approach. Michelle is also the creator of CTOAM's upcoming, brand new online Cancer Advocacy Course, which will educate patients on Precision Oncology and how to access the very best cancer diagnostics and treatments.

“Alex Rolland has a wealth of knowledge which he is eager to share, and I found his webinar was very useful and well worth an hour of your time. Everyone dealing with cancer could use this information.”

- John H.

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