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The Quarter Turn - Quarterly Customer Newsletter

Volume 1 / Issue 3 December 2021

Year End Reflection

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The holiday season always lends itself to reflection as we take stock of the prior year before clearing the slate and starting fresh again in January.

2021 is not closing with life “back to normal” as we had all hoped. We do continue to adapt and remain focused on supporting our customer’s needs, and as I mentioned previously, I am extremely proud of our associates and continually express my gratitude to them for their perseverance and dedication. 2021 has been a rollercoaster year, with a new challenge around every turn.

In the last newsletter I noted the unprecedented business surge experienced by Swagelok due to the dramatic market forces pushing for our fluid system components. Thanks to Swagelok’s raw material inventory, aggressive production planning, hiring and new equipment initiatives, we’ve been able to maintain service and delivery levels that far exceed the rest of the industry.

At Swagelok Western NY we’ve taken similar measures this year to support our customers’ growing business demands…we have:

  • Bolstered inventory by taking delivery of both Ultra High-Purity and General Industrial tubing this week, giving us approximately 111,000 feet of on-site tubing inventory
  • Added 3 new delivery vehicles to our fleet to enhance our ability to deliver timely product to our customers (see pictures later in this newsletter)
  • Hired 6 new associates to strengthen our Services Team, as well as Customer Services, Fabrication & Assembly and Field Services teams
  • Purchased and installed new equipment including an Argon Purge System for cleaner, more efficient orbital welding, and a tube cutting saw featured below

I feel very confident that no matter what the new year brings, we have assembled a first-class, customer focused organization that will meet any challenge head on.

I thank you very much for your business throughout 2021 and your continued confidence in us. As an organization, we look forward to continuing to support your business in 2022 and beyond, while striving every day to deliver a Differentiated Customer Experience.

On behalf of all the associates at Swagelok Western NY, I wish everyone a very healthy, happy and safe holiday.

Pete Jobling

President – Swagelok Western NY

Thank You & Happy Holidays!

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To echo Pete’s message as we close out 2021, I also want to thank all of our customers, not only for their business, but their confidence in us to deliver on our commitments. As with all our associates, our Sales team lives Swagelok’s Values and will not make commitments they cannot keep in order to make a sale. We want to be a Partner, not just a Supplier.

For that reason, I want to thank the Sales team and commend them for their dedication to SWNY and to you, their customers. The team adjusted well to meeting over Zoom and Teams, but believe me, they want to be on the road.

While others in our industry locked down, our team took the necessary precautions and met with customers in parking lots or wherever necessary to make sure their businesses were supported. And we will continue to meet with customers in whatever way is convenient and safe for them.

2022 is setting up to be an exciting year as Swagelok Western NY celebrates its 20th anniversary while Swagelok corporate observes its 75th anniversary!

Until then, thank you again for your business in 2021 and I hope everyone has a Healthy and Happy Holiday.

Jeff Namy

Vice President, Sales & Marketing


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Jeff Namy Named Vice President, Sales & Marketing

It is with great pleasure that I announce, effective Jan 1, 2022, the promotion of Jeff Namy to the position of Vice President Sales & Marketing.

Jeff has been a trusted advisor to me for the past 21 years and a mentor to so many others in this organization and before that with Syracuse Valve & Fittings. In June, Jeff celebrated 40 years with Swagelok and has contributed significantly to the growth and development of Swagelok WNY.

Jeff will continue to be responsible for the entire Sales and Marketing team in 2022. 

~ Pete

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Mike French Promoted to Sales & Marketing Manager

I am also delighted to announce the promotion of Mike French to Sales & Marketing Manager for the entire organization.

In his new role, Mike will oversee all members of the Sales Team, plus Marketing & New Business Development, Field Engineering, and Inside Sales.

He has continued to excel in the promotion of Custom Solutions and in building customer relationships across the Rochester region.

Mike will report directly to Jeff Namy and continue to lead our sales efforts in Custom Solutions and Field Engineering. 

~ Pete

Valve Essentials Webinar Recording Available

On December 8 Derrick DiCesare, Swagelok Western NY Regional Field Engineer, presented our final Technical Presentation of 2021: Valve Essentials.

This presentation is designed to help eliminate the guesswork in valve selection, and thereby:

  • Minimize ordering errors
  • Reduce the potential for the misapplication of valves
  • Avoid the costs associated with a valve failure

During this presentation you will learn:

  • 5 Types of Valve Operation
  • System Parameters and Selection Factors
  • Valve Types
  • Valve Sizing and Selection Method
Photography-Valves Custom Solutions-72 Reduced.jpg
Derrick 2021 head shot F.jpg

Derrick DiCesare, Swagelok WNY Regional Field Engineer

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Delivery Fleet Growing Due to Tubing Demand

As mentioned above, we added 3 new delivery vehicles to our fleet this year.

On the left is our most recent addition (shown here at the Rochester office).

The F-150 has been outfitted with a rack and carriers that will enable us to meet the growing demand for tubing. We continue to provide weekly no-charge delivery of our tubing which comes capped and bagged.

Speaking of tubing, over the past 2 days we have taken delivery of a large amount of Ultra High-Purity and General Industrial tubing. This brings our on-site inventory (across our 3 offices) to 111,000 feet or over 21 miles!

Even with that amount of tubing in our local inventory, we continue to monitor the marketplace to ensure we remain ahead of demand. At present we have an additional 220,000 feet on order.

If you know you’ll need a steady supply of tubing you may want to consider blanketing your order for the next 12 – 18 months to secure a priority position. Contact your sales rep to learn more and arrange your blanket order.

How Do We Cut All That Tubing?

The business surge we have experienced has not been limited strictly to product orders. Our Custom Solutions team, dedicated to fabrications and assemblies, has supported customers more extensively than ever before. From orbital welding to the building of manifolds and panels to the bending of tubing, our engineers and technicians have never been busier.

To improve efficiencies, we installed an Argon Gas System earlier this year allowing our welders to increase productivity and make even cleaner welds. Our newest piece of equipment is a Scotchman Circular Cold Saw.

Due to the increased requests for tube cutting and bending, we determined this saw was a valuable investment. The blade on the Scotchman saw turns at very low RPM which produces safe, accurate, fast and efficient cuts.

Additional benefits that have dramatically reduced production time:

  • Precise, repeatable cuts
  • Clean cut requiring only a quick debur
  • Straight or angled cuts
  • Full automation capability – The Auto Feed System allows us to program a complete cut list via the digital interface to fully automate the cut process.
Scotchman Saw with Auto Feed.jpg
Scotchman Saw.jpg
Saw Length3.jpg
Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting.jpg

The Anatomy of a Hydrogen Fitting

While there are a variety of compression tube fittings and other styles that may be applicable to hydrogen fuel systems, very few are designed to satisfy the many unique performance demands hydrogen applications require.

Swagelok’s FK series fittings are the exception. With a patented design, EC-79 & EIHP certifications, and pressure ratings of up to 1551 bar, the FK series was engineered specifically for use in hydrogen applications.

In Swagelok’s latest blog post, Charles Hayes, Lead New Product Development Engineer and Charles Erml, Product Manager, take a close look at specific fitting design characteristics that make for ideal performance in hydrogen technology.

ALD Chip image.jpg

How to Improve ALD Consistency - White Paper

As a gift to our semiconductor customers, Swagelok has made available a new white paper:

How to Improve ALD Consistency With Optimized Process Valves and Pneumatic Control Systems, authored by Bill Glime, Swagelok’s Principal Scientist for semiconductor.

This content is an exploration of the ways semiconductor tool OEMs can help their fab customers improve their chip yield with optimized process valves and pneumatic control systems.

The white paper was originally published by Semiconductor Digest magazine, but is now available on Swagelok’s web site:

General Industrial Fittings Transitioning to Dual-Certified 316 / 316L Stainless Steel

Effective January 1, 2022, all stainless steel orders placed for general industrial fittings (excluding Medium- and High-Pressure Fittings) will be made from Dual-Certified 316/316L stainless steel material as standard. The dual-certification will satisfy applications for both grades.

Some key benefits of note:

  • The move to dual-certified material has no effect on the form, fit, or function of Swagelok products.
  • The chemistry of our dual-certified 316/316L stainless steel meets ASTM’s lower carbon specification for 316L stainless steel while simultaneously achieving the mechanical and chemical properties for both 316 and 316L materials.
  • Swagelok continues to use elevated levels of nickel and chromium in its dual-certified 316/316L stainless steel material for superior corrosion resistance while complying with ASTM specifications A479 and A182.
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Thank You Bob Hinderliter!

In this spot we usually recognize notable anniversaries or welcome new associates, but today we use this space to say good-bye…..and thank you!

After 43 years of Sales and Service excellence with Buffalo Valve & Fitting, initially, and since with Swagelok Western NY, Bob Hinderliter will be retiring at the end of this year.

Over his career, Bob has made a remarkable impact on our customers in the Buffalo area, and is responsible for:

  • Building lasting relationships with his customers (many becoming personal friends)
  • Helping our customers understand the value of investing in Swagelok products
  • Assisted in the development of our Services and the Customer VMI program
  • Located the current Buffalo office, centrally located to Niagara & Erie Counties

In addition, Bob

  • Served as past President of Buffalo ISA Chapter  
  • Was a leader in the Buffalo Office and member of the SWNY Leadership Team
  • Is a Swagelok Welder Specialist!

Bob is well respected by his sales peers across Swagelok. He has shared his great product knowledge and presentation skills to train and mentor numerous Swagelok Western NY sales reps. As most customers across Buffalo are aware, Bob has most recently worked with Greg Schmidt to assure those customers are serviced to the same high-level Bob provided.

“I have great respect for Bob who understood and lived the Values of Swagelok. He provided much guidance and advice to me over the past 20 years as Swagelok Western NY has grown. For that and all his many contributions to Swagelok and Swagelok WNY, I would like to thank Bob and recognize his significant service,” Pete Jobling.

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