NYC Council Member Althea Stevens Holds the Preliminary Budget Hearing for the Committee on Children and Youth

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City Hall, NY - On Friday, March 22nd, 2024 at 10am, the New York City Council, under the leadership of Council Member Althea Stevens, Chair of the Committee of Children and Youth, will convene a pivotal Budget and Oversight Hearing. This public hearing will focus on reviewing and discussing the Preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2025, the Preliminary Capital Plan for Fiscal Years 2024-2028, and the Fiscal 2024 Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report, with a specific emphasis on the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) and the Administration for Children's Services (ACS).

“Time and time again, our city has relied on the numerous services DYCD and ACS provide and it is important that our city’s budget reflects it. We must continue to prioritize the well-being of our families within our communities, who rely on these services the most” City Council Member Althea Stevens explained. “This Preliminary Budget oversight hearing will serve as a crucial step in a collective effort to build a more resilient and equitable city for our city's youth and generations to come”. 

"Our city has a moral obligation to ensure that our youngest New Yorkers receive adequate support, including the vital mental health services needed, to place them on the path to a brighter future,” said Council Member Linda Lee, Chair of the Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities, and Addictions. “With the upcoming Preliminary Budget Hearing for the Committee on Children and Youth, I look forward to working with Chair Stevens and my colleagues so that our kids receive the valuable funding that ensures each child receives appropriate support that meets their individual needs to prevent our kids from falling through the cracks.”

"I am honored to join Committee Chair Althea Stevens for this preliminary budget hearing to address critical budget concerns and issues regarding services for our City's youths," said Council Member Julie Menin. "As a member of the Committee of Children & Youth, I look forward to hearing from the Department of Youth and Community Development, Administration for Children's Services, and the public on vital programs and services to uplift and protect the children of our city."

"As a council member deeply committed to our community's future, I believe that investing in our children and youth is not just a priority; it's a moral imperative. This preliminary budget hearing presents a crucial opportunity to ensure that our financial resources are directed towards programs and initiatives that will empower our youth, cultivate their potential, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.” said Council Member Rita Joseph, Chair Committee on Education. “Let's seize this moment to prioritize their well-being, nurture their talents, and build a foundation for success that will benefit us all in the years to come.

About the Committee on Children and Youth Services : 

Chair: Council Member Althea Stevens

The Committee on Children and Youth has jurisdiction over New York City’s youth-related programs, including the Administration for Children’s Services, Department of Youth and Community Development, Inter-agency Coordinating Council on Youth, and Youth Board.

Members of Committee

Council Member(s): Julie Menin, Linda Lee, Nantasha Williams, Chi Ossé , Rita Joseph

For more information or media inquires, please contact the Office of Council Member Althea Stevens at (718) 588-7500 or at [email protected]


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