For you, if you’re a small business owner selling services or products, and 

you want an easy to create website that’s great looking, attracts and converts dream clients

WITHOUT having to hire a web designer, learn code or struggle with WordPress



Creating a website is a bit like building your dream home. We start by creating the vision for your website house, drawing up a plan so that you are confident that your dream website home will attract dream clients.

  • COMPELLING COPY: We will get super clear on who your dream client is and what problem they have that you solve and compose your homepage copy so that it attracts the right sort of people who you want as clients
  • DOMAIN NAMES - .com or or something else? Pros and cons, things to consider, where and how to buy your perfect domain, so that you’re clear which domain name and extension will serve you best.
  • LOGOS - how to use a simple logo creation tool so that you can easily and quickly create a slick logo that represents your brand without having to hire and wait on a logo designer to deliver.


Week 2 is time to build your website. Watch over my shoulder, then implement, step by step to create your dream website easily, even if you’ve never built a website before. 

We will be using Constant Contact’s Web Building platform which, in all my years designing websites, is by far the easiest web building platform for DIYers who don’t want to learn code or struggle with WordPress. 

Unlike Wordpress, you’ll never have to worry about themes, plugins or getting hacked. It’s simple to use and has lots of easy to use advanced features including an online shop, blog, SEO, landing pages, social media tools, 24/7 customer support. You’re going to love using it and best of all the monthly fee is just £10 (+VAT) which includes your own domain name and hosting.


  • START: Learn how to start a free trial with Constant Contact and use the web builder tool. We will pick a colour scheme and add your logo, so that all you need to do is add the furniture (text) you visioned in week 1, which saves a huge amount of time and frustration building and customising frameworks and themes.
  • ADDITIONAL PAGES: You might have visioned multiple rooms for your website house and here I’ll show you how to easily add (unlimited) additional pages, insert different layouts, so that you can add (and remove) pages as your business (and website) grows and you think up more offerings.
  • NAVIGATION: Like a Visitors Guide to your house we will create a navigation menu and footer. I’ll show you what to include in the navigation bar, so that your visitors can easily find their way around and buy from you as well as make sure you have all the legal stuff included so that you are compliant.


Week 3 we will organise your copy and imagery in the best way so that your message appeals to your potential dream clients, so that they are guided to working with or buying from you.


  • COPY THAT CONVERTS: We’ll be replacing all the placeholder text created in Week 2 with your copy and using the different layouts and text formats so that your copy is even more compelling and visitors take the action you want them to take (e.g. click here, sign up, buy, phone).
  • ADDING MEANINGFUL VISUALS: Images tell a thousand words so, how to insert images and videos that enhance the message of your copy. Even if you haven’t got your own media, I’ll show you how to source suitable ones, so that your visuals help your dream client make the decision to take the next step.
  • CREATING SHOPPABLE PAGES: Whether you sell physical products or downloadable items, I’ll show you how to set up an amazingly simple online shop with online payment facilities so that you can sell your products and get paid. 


And now, we’re ready to launch your new website to the world! 


  • PUBLISH: How to preview, then publish your site so that your site is live. I’ll show you how to claim your free domain and attach it to your site so that you and your business look more professional which means you can start to build credibility, increase brand awareness and search engine positioning.
  • GETTING FOUND: I’ll reveal 3 vital Google search listing visibility steps to ensure that search traffic clicks through to your site when they see your listing in a search result.
  • TRACKING: Learn how to track visitors to your website, which rooms (pages) they visit and how they came to find you, so that you know what works and what to to tweak.



Get access to my swipe files and checklists with simple, easy to follow frameworks and text templates so that planning and creating your website and content is a breeze.

  • FILL-IN TEMPLATES with examples for Homepage, About, Privacy & Cookies Policy and Blog pages, so that even if you’ve no idea what to write for your website you’ll be able to construct irresistible copy that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • EXAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE to send to your existing happy customers, so that you can get useful, constructive testimonials that will help convert.
  • CHECKLIST so that you can check off as you work your way through the course so that you’re confident all elements of your website are done when you hit publish and make your website live.



You’ll have lifetime access to my private Facebook group where I’ll be answering questions and guiding you through resolving problems you might encounter so that you don’t get stuck on tech or content. 

In addition, you’ll find other like-minded business owners going through the same as you, so you’ll be able to get feedback and inspiration from not just me, but your peers too.

You get lifetime access to the training videos so that you can always come back and remind yourself how to update or add content to your website, add pages and even create another website.

I’m committed to helping you get your website looking great, attractive to your dream clients and published, so that you don’t have to worry about tech not behaving as it should.


Your investment is £147


Why Constant Contact? I thought WordPress was best?

Developers will tell you that WordPress is best because it's more flexible and can be customised. What they don't tell you is it's quite tricky and fiddly for non-developers. 

To get functionality, like landing pages, sign up forms, SEO, extra security, back ups, shoppable pages there's millions of themes and plugins to choose from then configure, not to speak of getting them to work nicely with each other - which is why you need a developer (or learn to be one)! 

If you just want something easy to use and has everything already installed, is super easy to use, then Constant Contact is perfect and that’s why I love it. 

Here's a comparison:

Who am I?

Vee Tanner – Online Business Manager

I’m Vee Tanner and I’m an Online Business Manager. I’ve been building websites since 1997 when the internet was in its infancy and we used dial-up to access it.

There were no training courses back then when the company I worked for (a global, multi-million turnover listed company) asked me to build their website. I had to figure it out for myself by trawling the internet and seeing what others were doing and how.

The bosses were so pleased with website I built that it was used as a showcase for the 30 subsidiaries they owned.

When I set my Virtual Admin business up in 2005 clients loved that I could build and tinker with their websites. I’ve since invested in online marketing training and am Constant Contact Certified.

I make it my business to keep up to date with what online marketing works for small business owners so I can implement that in the hundreds of websites I’ve created for various small businesses and solopreneurs in the past 23 years.

It's my mission to help small business owners to overcome tech fears and create professional websites they love and online marketing systems that help them grow their businesses, even when they think they’re rubbish at tech!

VeeSmith creativity original.jpg

"I was constantly amazed at all the little tricks Vee knew. She really is a website whiz but at the same time explains everything so clearly." - Laura M

"As someone with very little computer knowledge or confidence, I found Vee's program remarkably accessible. Her video tutorials are broken down into clear, easily digestible modules, which can be re-visted as required. Her friendly support is readily available to sort out problems via the Facebook group, and also through the weekly Q&A." Hazel C

What past delegates have said

Kimberly Haines and Andrea Rae both able to build their websites with NO previous web building experience

Kimberly's video testimonial
Andrea Rae testimonial video

Shelly Thompson loved how faff-free it was to build her site quickly and easily

Shelly's testimonial video