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Vision Statement

A safe natural shoreline & beach park that delivers wellness, health & nature for all of us. A public park where everyone can connect, walk, run, roll & bike. Restore, preserve & maintain this iconic natural shoreline & beach park, making it sustainable, resilient & free from potential crime. The spirit of Windansea is captured in its open vistas, free from the effects of people & construction, which inspire visitors to reflect on the grandeur of the ocean & the beauty of the ever changing topography of the beach.

A safe natural shoreline & beach park for all of us.

Stop The Windansea Gazebo Construction


Preserve Windansea Beach Association

Neptune Place, La Jolla, CA 92037





La Jolla, CA, November 8, 2021: A building permit (#666879/Jim Neri), for a Windansea Bluff restoration project, is pending at the City of San Diego Development Department. The permit asks the City of San Diego to enter into a Public-Private partnership with Friends of Windansea to make improvements to Windansea bluffs. The privately donated funds for this project are being held by La Jolla Parks & Beaches. 

The proposed improvements, along the west side of Neptune Place between Westbourne Street and Palomar Avenue, include the continuation of post and chain link fencing, repositioning of concrete benches and trash receptacles plus the construction of a new building called a belvedere (gazebo) on the bluffs of Windansea Beach, between Rosemont and Kolmar.

There are several aspects of the permit we support. Preserve Windansea Beach Association (PWBA) is in complete opposition to the new construction of an unnecessary belvedere (gazebo) structure on the delicate bluffs of Windansea beach.


[Proposed belvedere design: south elevation]


  1. The findings required for the permits and other local regulations cannot be made:
  • The belvedere will undermine and block public views to and along the ocean.
  • The belvedere will negatively impact the City’s Multiple Habitat Planning Area (MHPA), which contains environmentally sensitive lands.
  • The Local Coastal Program requires directing roof and surface drainage away from the bluff and the roof of the belvedere clearly drains toward the bluff face.
  • The Land Development Manual requires analysis of the state of the bluff over the next 75 years, and this has not been provided.
  • Council Policy (CP) 700-07 requires a preliminary General Development Plan (GDP) for the park be adopted by the City Council in order for the City to participate in improvements funded by private money. To the best of PWBA’s knowledge, no GDP has been formed for the Windansea Beach.

2.Crime, nuisance, alcohol drug parties, which were cited by residents about a previous belvedere (gazebo) at this location in the 1980’s.

3.Not maintained previously this antiquated structure became a neighbourhood eyesore and the rotten structure came down.

4.Digging down into the bluff 2-3 feet to construct the Gazebo is counter to Coastal Commission demands that Shoreline Bluffs should erode naturally. This new structure will increase erosion through watershed and disruption of the bluff.

5.We believe the focus should be on an overall cohesive design plan for Windansea Beach Park which has been mis-managed for the last 20 years. Windansea Beach Park currently has 5 different fencing designs, misplaced benches, poorly placed signage, trash cans and benches that are sliding off the bluff, all of which creates a public safety hazard.

6.The effects of Climate Change dictate we build no new structures on this natural and unique beach. This is a very dynamic beach in terms of wave erosion.

7.There Is no space for handicap parking to support such a new build.

8.The belvedere (gazebo) is NOT historical and no belvedere (gazebo) in La Jolla is historically designated by the City of San Diego or the State of California.

9.During continued COVID restrictions we do not need a small public space that encourages people to gather together and will require daily cleaning and maintenance. 

10.The belvedere (gazebo) structures can be found in abundance in the village of La Jolla. The photos attached show these structures are used by vendors and the homeless. Many of these structures sit precariously on the eroding bluffs presenting a public safety hazard. (see attached photos).


  • Collected almost 1000 opposing votes (signatures & letters). 
  • Reached out numerous times, via letter, telephone and intermediaries to Friends of Windansea leadership to seek inclusion and compromise on this project. PWBA were rejected each and every time.
  • Sought advice and counsel from the City of San Diego, Great Ecology and Andrea Rosati/Land Use Attorney.
  • Raised funds for an Overall Plan for Windansea without the Gazebo
  • Appealed CEQA exemption determination. City staff determined the Project is exempt under CEQA under the categorical exemption for “New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures.” This exemption does not apply where the project will be carried out on environmentally sensitive lands. The Windansea bluff is considered environmentally sensitive lands. CEQA prohibits using this exemption.


  • PWBA has raised funds from local and City residents at large, who oppose the building of the belvedere (gazebo). These funds are substantial and would be donated to the City to fund an Overall Plan to renovate Windansea shoreline.
  • The native landscaping, and natural habitat have been deteriorating due to the poor landscape designs of the past, due to the poor placement of barrier fencing designs and benches. Our Plan would repair the natural habitat.
  • We prefer the funds we have raised go to Windansea Improvements versus legal fees to continue to fight this permit application.
  • When the original belvedere (gazebo) was built there were very few homes in the vicinity. Dense home development now exists, climate change is impactful and we need to protect our shoreline bluffs for public use, which our proposal will do.


Preserve Windansea Beach Association was formed in early 2021 by Windansea residents concerned about Permit #666879 for construction on the beach, the current public safety issues, previous poor design not using sustainable materials for the environment, poorly designed stairways, signage missing, general maintenance of benches/trash cans and habitat landscaping at Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park. 

We launched a campaign to fight for public safety issues at Windansea shoreline beach park. We are committed to its long term preservation, habitat sustainability and its unobstructed open vista views, for all to enjoy for generations.

Preserve Windansea members include Windansea homeowners, residents, La Jollans and San Diegans who visit Windansea Shoreline and Beach to recreate and enjoy its open unobstructed vistas and epic sunsets. We believe this natural public shoreline and beach park is a beach for all of us. 


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Belvedere in the 1920's

used by socially elite for shade & picnics


Scripps Park Belvederes August 2021: Provide shelter for homeless


Scripps Park Belvederes August 2021: Storefront for vendors


Please help stop this unnecessary structure being built on the neglected and fragile Windansea Shoreline & Public Beach Park. A gazebo/belvedere construction permit application #666879 (Neri) is pending at the City of San Diego Development Department. The gazebo/belvedere permit application, to build on public land, was submitted by a private group of local people who are nostalgic for gazebo/belvederes built in the 1920's, when there was limited residential development or other structures at this public park. One such Belvedere became such a public nuisance (late night parties, alcohol & drugs) in the 1980's that is was torn down by a frustrated Windansea resident.

Windansea Beach is a unique residential beach and cannot be compared to the commercialized beaches around Coast Blvd where other Belvederes reside.

The proposed gazebo/belvedere structure would be located at the top of the staircase on Neptune Place between Rosemont and Kolmar. This structure will dig 3 feet down into the bluff, block the public view shed (as per the San Diego Municipal Codes for the public viewing of the shoreline beach) and the historical Windansea Surf Shack. There are issues of neglect that have in turn created public safety issues, watershed issues, eroding bluffs and chronic infrastructure degradation, all require immediate attention. The notion of building any structure on these delicate & eroding bluffs is outrageous and reckless! These types of structures are also crime magnets, encouraging late night gatherings, drug dealing and overnight shelter for the homeless. You the tax payer will have to pay for clean ups, maintenance & repairs!

We already received more than 700 opposing signatures and letters. These will be very helpful when we present at the City Planning Commission hearings on this topic.

We need your support! Please add you name to the petition Sign the petition. Please join us in opposing the belvedere permit. Write letters of opposition, join our email list and donate to help cover fees we are incurring to Stop The Gazebo/Belvedere construction.

Thank you for your support!

Permit Violations.png
Permit Violations 2.png
Permit Violations 4.png

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Displaced person sleeping in Belvedere, Scripps Park, La Jolla

Trashed out Belvedere, Scripps Park, La Jolla

Five Things You Can Do To Stop Windansea Gazebo Construction

  1. Share this email flyer with 10 friends (click here to download flyer).
  2. Write a letter of opposition to the City Planning Department (Email your letter to Karen Bucey, Development Project Manager, City of San Diego. It is very important Preserve Windansea receive a copy of your letter, please cc:
  3. Sign the Stop The Gazebo petition (click here to sign petition)
  4. Donate: All monies will be used for Land Use Attorney and Environmental Consultant to oppose the Gazebo construction at the public City hearings and at possible appeals. (click here to donate)
  5. Join Our Email List: get involved, attend meetings & receive updates ​​(click here to sign up)

Public Safety Issues at Windansea Beach


Dangerous open and crumbling Storm drains that inadequately handle toxic runoff from streets.


Dysfunctional Sewage Pump Station located on beach bluffs with crumbling stucco infrastructure, broken fencing, often graffitied, routinely malfunctions emitting disgusting rotten egg smell into air and sewage into the ocean prompting frequent beach closures.


Old rusted out, jagged Sewer pipe left lying exposed on the sandy beach where people recreate.


Severe bluff erosion, some due to the effect of climate change and watershed issues, and pedestrian foot traffic due to inadequate boundary fencing and signage.


5 different types of fencing rotten, corroded or sinking into the bluff that do not adequately protect the bluffs or provide public safety.


Precariously built Stairways with public safety access issues.


Concrete benches next to fowl smelling trash cans poised to slide down the eroded bluff. Surf Shack off in the far distance, this is the Historic structure used by the City to promote Windansea beach park.


Very narrow and uneven sidewalk with tripping hazards, causing people to step into oncoming traffic to pass each other.


The bluff top road, Neptune Place, is a collage of potholes and asphalt patches, not safe for cyclists or pedestrians.

[All donations at this time will go to Land Use Attorney and Environmental Consultant Fees associated with Stop The Gazebo Campaign]

About Us

Preserve Windansea Beach Association was formed in early 2021 by Windansea residents concerned about the current public safety issues at Windansea Shoreline and Beach Park. We launch campaigns to fight public safety issues and are committed to the long term preservation and sustainability of this natural shoreline and beach park, with iconic open vistas, for all to enjoy.

Our first campaign, to stop private groups building structures like Gazebos on the public Windansea shoreline, quickly gained support in the community. We received more than 100 letters opposing the construction of the Gazebo in two months. Our ongoing “Stop The Gazbo” petition is approaching 1000 signatures. We raised $20,000 to pay Great Ecology to conduct a Biological Study, create a formal presentation to City Officials and cover legal fees. This campaign is still ongoing.

Preserve Windansea is growing and our members include Windansea residents, La Jollans and San Diegans who visit Windansea Shoreline and Beach to recreate and enjoy its open unobstructed vistas and epic sunsets. We believe this natural public shoreline and beach park is a beach for all of us. Please join Us. Click here to join our email list and receive updates.


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