Explore Watermedia Styles to Discover Your Unique Artist’s Voice:

A Mentorship with April M Rimpo


Looking for a Change in Your Art? 

Full Mentorship with three 4-week sessions currently on pause

Continuing Mentorship focuses on

Refinements to your Artistic style

For my existing students and those already familiar with

color mixing, design principles and elements who are looking

for a new artistic style

Here’s what’s different in April’s Mentorship

Currently working with Continuing Artists in 4 sessions held every other week.

Full 12 Session Mentorship on Pause

Continuing Mentorship

  • One payment of $210
  • Refund Policy: Refund in Full if you cancel before the third of four sessions.


  • 8 hours of class time across 4 sessions
  • Each 2-hr class begins with a critique of one painting and/or practice exercise per student. If time permits a second painting may be discussed.
  • The goal of the critique is to identify:
  • Your strengths!
  • Aspects of the work that are consistent with Your Target Style.
  • Changes to bring you closer to your target style.
  • Demonstrations by April to the whole class to explain her critique comments and to introduce some skills or design concepts, as appropriate. She periodically asks continuing students for ideas they'd like to explore so April can tailor the presentation and demos.
  • Class recordings will be available to review typically within 2- 3 days.
  • Handouts are provided after most sessions, including:
  • Instructional material
  • Homework goals with the date when your sample work is due to April, so she can prepare your next critique. You may either do a quick study practicing the goals or incorporate them into a painting.
  • At the end of each group of 4 sessions, we’ll discuss whether there are adjustments that you would like to make in your target style. Typically we take 2 or 3 weeks off between Continuing Mentorship courses.
  • No art materials provided.


Schedule for Fall 2022 Continuing Mentorship

TuesdaySessions from 10 AM to Noon

Continuing Sessions for existing students - Fall 2022


Sept 20, Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 1  10AM to Noon


  • Access to Watercolor, Fluid Acrylic, or Casein Supplies you plan to use during the Mentorship.
  • Watercolor paper - preferable NOT student grade paper
  • Access to Zoom, preferably with
  • A free Zoom Client for Meetings for laptops, desktops on Windows or MacOS (download from https://us04web.zoom.us/download#client_4meeting)
  • or Zoom App for iPads or Andoid tablets.

NOTE: Smart Phones are too small to see the demonstrations and critiques.

  • Video is clearer with the client or App compared to using web access. Audio only access is not sufficient since seeing the critique and demonstrations are essential to your progress.

April M Rimpo's History

In addition to small classroom lessons, April has taken over 1000 hours of workshops from a wide variety of nationally and internationally know artists. She has experienced workshops where she learned only one nugget of knowledge she felt applied to her work. She understands the benefit of a longer-term relationship where she can customize her feedback for each student.

April’s 32 years of working with customers to help clarify their needs allowed April to develop listening, questioning, and analytical skills. April is now applying those skills to evaluate your work as compared to your target style. This process is very personal and April values your trust in her to guide your growth as an artist.  

To do this to the best of her ability, April is restricting her Mentorship program to 5 students in a session. She wants to optimize your growth and customize your experience. 


  • 8 hours of Classroom Instruction - $800
  • 4 Personalized Critiques of your work tailored toward maturing your artistic voice/target style - $200
  • Private one-on-one session - Exploring Styles: Starting Your Path to Your Artistic Voice - $200


Wondering if you’re ready?

If you weren’t ready, I suspect you wouldn’t be reading this.

You aren't sure what style you want to pursue, you just know what you're doing now doesn't feel right.

Remember the Free Bonus Session - Exploring Styles: Starting Your Path to Your Artistic Voice - is how I will help you figure out where to start on your Artistic journey.

What if I start down a path for a new style then realize it isn't right for me?

No problem, it's natural for your style to evolve. Let me know by email at least three days before the next session and we'll talk a little more about it. I have built in check points in the mentorship where we can make adjustments to your directions.

What happens if I don't have time to create one week?

Real life gets in the way. If you have no practice work (no matter how simple) or anything new that you painted, email to let me know. If you have a new reference you'd like to start, send me that and I'll discuss things to consider about the reference. If you just want to continue on what you provided last week, tell me and tell my what questions you may have. We'll figure out what kind of feedback I can provide.

What happens if I can't attend a session?

As long as you provide me with an image of what you've done since the last session, I will still do a critique of your work. Since the session is recorded you can listen to it later, allowing you to watch the demonstration and hear the discussions.

Other questions....

Just email me and we'll figure something out.


Please email me with your interest.

Let's Get Started!


Showing High Energy


by April M Rimpo


Simplifying Complex Scenes

and Set a Mood

Shipping Port

by April M Rimpo


Telling a Story

Breakfast for Two

by April M Rimpo

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