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Run, manage, control and secure the apps, data and

IT that run your business—from edge to cloud.

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HPE Ezmeral provides an enterprise-grade solution to accelerate your app modernization efforts and run data-driven apps with persistent container storage—in your data centers, on any cloud, or at the edge.

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Enable data-driven apps with no movement of data. HPE Ezmeral uses a globally distributed data store with unequaled scale, performance and reliability that simplifies management and provisioning for data-driven applications and eases movement between on-premises and cloud environments.

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HPE Ezmeral addresses the entire Machine Learning pipeline from data preparation and model-building to training, deployment, monitoring and collaboration—operationalizing the end-to-end process so you can focus on business outcomes.

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Drive consistent service delivery and business agility. HPE’s automation software empowers you to focus more on innovation, improving execution reliability and efficiency that results in increased agility, reduced risk, and lower costs.

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Gain visibility and control across all your clouds. HPE Managed Cloud Controls ensures compliance and cost control across multiple public cloud environments to simplify operations and optimize costs.

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Speed app authentication in distributed clouds. HPE’s security software and open source contributions increase productivity and agility by enabling developers to build in inter-app authentication into containerized apps straddling legacy data centers and cloud-based infrastructure.

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