Happy 150th Anniversary to the Lowell Humane Society!

This is the third installment in the series about the history of the Lowell Humane Society.

Poster for Be Kind to Animals Week - 1974

From the April 1974 "Animal Talk" - The quarterly newsletter of the Lowell Humane Society

1892 Annual Report of the Lowell Humane Society

Click here to download a pdf of the 33-page report

From the Lowell Sun, November 28, 1927

Obituary for Charles F. Richardson, agent of the Lowell Humane Society for 29 years.

For more information about the Lowell Humane Society visit there website at https://www.lowellhumanesociety.org/

Save the date for our 150th Anniversary Celebration!

~September 14th, 2023 , 6pm at UTEC~