Senior Vice President Young – Howard Forward Q1 2021 Update


The five pillars and 18 initiatives that make up Howard Forward touch every aspect of who we are as a University. Under the leadership of President Wayne A. I. Frederick, this living plan will move the University in a direction that will allow us to be agile in our approach while making sustainable changes. Every day, we are doing our part to help mitigate the impacts of coronavirus, the residual economic hardships and changing priorities, all the while maintaining and improving upon our commitment to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community. 


Our work has not gone unrecognized, and we are thrilled about our improvement in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 “Best Graduate Schools” rankings in the areas of nursing, business, law and education as well as specialty rankings for medicine, African-American history and African-American literature. From teaching students and modernizing their learning environment, to making sure that we have resources to invest in top-tier training, to efficiency and customer service, to how we address and engage with the community, we are putting Howard Forward in action.


This quarter, we hosted review sessions for each Howard Forward initiative to assess progress, clear bottle necks and discuss the goal posts that will help us track progress while maintaining our flexibility and thinking about our strategy in the present-day circumstance. We have kicked off three Howard Forward working groups (communications; initiatives and operations; and data and technology) to expand involvement and engagement of Howard Forward. Our teams have continued to focus on the implementation of our aggressive capital plan, a key tenet of Howard Forward, prioritizing advancing the renewal of academic spaces, specifically in the areas of education, fine arts & communications, and academic health sciences. We are also moving on community engagement and alumni support for our reimagined Howard East site, a 23-acre parcel located in the district’s Ward 5 (formerly home to the School of Divinity). 


As Howard University continues to be at the forefront of national dialogue, we are working to enhance our federal, state and local community relations. Using that synergy, we are building on our donor and corporate relations efforts to create meaningful and impactful programs, funding and resources that continue to push the needle forward. These opportunities will ensure that Howard students are prepared for success and will be competitive in their careers. And while the Howard Forward plan is broad in scope, it is strategic in its application.  


In Truth and Service, 

SVP Rashad Young