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Community Involvement

Calverton IB students got their hands and feet wet (literally!) engaged in hands-on learning at the Phillip C. Merrill Environmental Center, the headquarters for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (TAG). Students investigated the impact of humans and technology on the Chesapeake Bay. From the sustainable Philip Merrill Environmental Center to water quality testing, students looked at positive and negative impacts on the Bay. This year, Calverton looks forward to developing a partnership with CBF to educate our students about stewardship efforts to protect and preserve one of our nation’s most cherished ecosystems.

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Student Government Class Representative

9th: Aurora Casey, Steffi Shoup, Ari Zecha

10th: Avery Kushner, Ava Wehrs

11th: Sophia Lennon, Ranee O’Connor

12th: Dani Crawford, Gavin Staples

Voted into office last year: President: Reece Tremaglio, Vice President: Kennedy Faith Manzano-Lee, Secretary: Sarah Blevins, Treasurer: Lily Brooks 


Theory of Knowledge

Seniors presented their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition to the IB Juniors. The TOK Exhibition “explores how TOK manifests in the world around us.” It consists of a curated exhibition of three real world objects that connect to one of 35 Prompts. The Prompts are all very broad, open-ended knowledge questions.

Example Questions: How does the way that we organize or classify knowledge affect what we know? What counts as a good claim? Can knowledge change established values or beliefs? Who owns knowledge? What constraints are there in the pursuit if knowledge? Are some things unknowable? Why do we seek knowledge?

New Senior Lounge


The Seniors are enjoying their new space thanks to the generosity (and work) of the Tremaglio family!

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Farming for Hunger

Students participated in whole group team building as well as with smaller groups, where they learned about social and emotional challenges they may face, and how to better communicate with their peers, teachers, and parents. Additionally, there was time to connect with friends, learn about the farm, and play with some of the animals!