IgA Nephropathy Awareness Day Warrior Toolkit

Social Media Handle and Hashtags

Please tag us in all posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram: @IgANFoundation


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Social Media Content

Pre-May 14 IgAN Awareness Day Announcement:

The #IgANWarrior family is uniting to make everyone #IgANAware on May 14, Monther's Day, followed by a Spirit Week! Please join us to celebrate this important Awareness Day: https://bit.ly/3LW6fAd #IgANDay #IgANAware

May 14, Sunday: Mother's Day & IgA Nephropathy Awareness Day

Express Gratitude & Encourage Donations

If @IgANFoundation was sparked by a mother's love and has grown into a community sharing crucial resources and working toward a cure. We're celebrating the #IgANephropathy family all week! Please show your support here: https://igan.org/ways-to-give/ #IgANDay #IgANAware

May 15, Monday: Mindfulness -Feel free to write your own post sharing the tools and thoughts you call on in difficult moments, or use the below template.

Share Your Sources of Resilience

“#IgANephropathy can be challenging, so self-care is a must. Being a member of @IGANFoundation gives me access to resources like the Calm app that help me take time for mindfulness. Become a member or get more info here: https://igan.org/iganday/ #IgANDay #IgANAware”

May 16, Tuesday: Share Your Story - On this day, the Foundation will share the video with Warrior stories compiled (submit yours here if you haven’t yet). We encourage you to also share your own photos and videos from moments along your journey!

Post a Photo or Video

“I was diagnosed with #IgANephropathy (XX years ago, at age XX, etc.) and I’ve been a member of @IGANFoundation for X years. Visit here for more info about IgA Nephropathy: https://igan.org/iganday/public #IgANDay #IgANAware”

May 17, Wednesday: Wellness - What are you doing to feel well today? Please personalize the below template post. IgA Nephropathy can sometimes make life feel uncontrollable, but there are some things we can control, for example:

  • Enjoyable movement (a stretch, a walk, dancing to a favorite song) 
  • Eating food that’s right for us individually
  • Checking in with ourselves
  • Meditating

Share Your Wellness Activity

(Your choice of wellness activity) is what I’m doing today to make myself feel well this #IgANAware Wellness Wednesday. Prioritizing how I feel helps me connect with my body and focus on what I can control. #IgANDay #IgANephropathy. @IGANFoundation”

May 18, Thursday: Thank those who care - Between your care team, care partners, and medical providers, a lot goes into the care that sustains us as we live with IgA Nephropathy. Take this opportunity to express your appreciation to them!

Express gratitude

“Thank you to those who care for me and keep me going along my #IgANephropathy journey! (Include their names, tag them if you’re connected on social media, and feel free to share a photo if you have one with them.) #IgANDay #IgANaware. @IGANFoundation” 

May 19, Friday: Rally cry

“When @IGANFoundation was created, there were no resources to treat #IgANephropathy. Now, there are 2 approved FDA treatments and many clinical trials in the works. Our community is strong and full of hope—here’s to even more progress in the future! #IgANDay #IgANAware”

May 20, Saturday: Celebration! - We’ll be hosting an in-person celebration (details to come). We’ll miss you if you can’t make it, but please take the time to celebrate however works for you — wearing your IgAN Foundation sunglasses, spending time with loved ones, etc. — just be sure to share a photo and tag us!

“Today I’m celebrating a week of #IgANDay with my @IGANFoundation family in person/remotely by wearing my IgAN gear, educating my friends and family to make everyone #IgANAware”

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