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Feeling Overwhelmed About Your Ballot?

No worries, we've got your back! On this page, we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to make sure your ballot is counted!

So you got your ballot envelope in the mail.... Now what?


There is A LOT to unpack in there. Here is what's inside:

Your Official Ballot

Voter Instructions

Your Secrecy Sleeve

Your Ballot Return Envelope

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Step 1: Fill Out Your Ballot

Your vote is your voice. So each candidate and issue is a personal choice to make. If you would like some help making those important choices check out these references:

** Also note that the candidates for council and mayor are located on the lower left hand side of the ballot under the ballot instructions.

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Step 2: Put Your Ballot in the Secrecy Sleeve

Once you finish filling out your ballot, you will place it in the Secrecy Sleeve that came in the envelope with your ballot.

** Your ballot will not be counted unless it is in the the Secrecy Sleeve so don't forget to put it in there!

Step 3: Put the Secrecy Sleeve with Your Ballot in the Return Envelope

The return envelope is NOT the one you received your ballot in, but the one addressed to the City Clerk. See the pictures for visual reference.

**Don't forget to sign and date the back of this envelope! Your ballot will not be counted unless it is signed and dated.


Step 4: DROP OFF Your Ballot at one of the Official Drop Off Locations Across the City

We have passed the deadline for the ballots to be mailed in. Make sure your ballot is turned in by 7PM on Tuesday, April 6th by dropping it off at one of the many drop off locations.

**You won't need a stamp to drop off your ballot.


Still looking for more help?

Check out our LIVE Zoom Room Voter Help Desk.

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Once you have voted, don't forget to

Triple Your Vote!

Click here to watch our YouTube video on How to Triple Your Vote!