What is a Mind Jar?

A mind jar is a meditation tool that can be used when an individual feels stressed, overwhelmed or upset.

It serves as a visual aid to remind you of what is happening in your mind when you are feeling strong emotions.

It can also be called a “calm down” jar because it helps you calm down when you are upset.

Akhila Health: How to make and use a Mind Jar

How to MAKE

a Mind Jar


Jar, Glitter, Clear Glue, and Warm/Hot Water


Pour in 20% of clear glue into the jar

Fill the remaining 80% of the jar with warm water

And in the glitter and mix it all together!

How to USE

a Mind Jar

USE a mind jar to calm your mind and body. You can use this when you are upset or when you want to tune in to what is going in your mind. The mind jar helps you recognize what’s happening inside your mind and it helps you practice deep-breathing.

SHAKE the jar to release energy. Watch the glitter that floats around, this represents the flurry of thoughts and emotions that you feel.

CALL attention to how the glitter is whirling around inside the jar. This can make it hard for you to see clearly. This is also what is happening inside your mind when emotions become overwhelming and take over rational thought (also known as an amygdala hijack.)

WATCH the glitter settle to the bottom as you practice your deep breathing.

After you practice deep breathing, your prefrontal cortex is ready to step in and make good decisions about how to proceed.