Looking for the calendar, announcements,bulletin, giving platform?

Well, your prayers have been answered!

We now have a one stop shop for Trinity members: Church Connect! Church Connect is what you used to sign up for the online directory but it is also a portal that you can link (like an app) on your phone, or bookmark on your computer! In the fall we will be using this portal regularly for members and visitors so access it now and get ahead of the game!

How do you access it? Just go to tpcarlington.churchtrac.com or follow the instructions below for how to put it on your phone (like an app).  If you have questions or need help contact the office oPatrick Merkel (or Ben when he gets back in September)

Church Connect on your phone

Step one

On your phone head to


We recommend using Safari if you're using an iPhone, or Chrome if you're on an

Android phone. Navigate to your Connect page.

Step two: How to Install the App

Follow the prompt to install the app. If you don't see a prompt, select the Action/Share (the box that has the arrow coming from it) and scroll down

and then "Add to Home Screen".

Step 3: Use the App

From now on, use the new app icon on your home screen to run Church Connect. There's no need to use your browser anymore!

What if my phone doesn't prompt me to download the app?

If your phone doesn't automatically prompt you to download the app, the process is still the same on your iPhone. If you're using an Android device, you will navigate to the Chrome browser menu and select either "Install app" or "Add to home screen" (depending on your Android device).