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The Dawn of a New Era in CPG and Improved Recycling Practices

With more and more pressure being placed on CPG Manufacturers and Retailers around the world,

Kwik BagIt Products International Inc. has taken the lead in solving this trending worldwide problem, which is only getting worse as Recycling Companies struggle with dismal results of capturing less than 9% of uncontaminated end use packaging products, resulting in over 90% collected that ends up in the municipal landfills who can't take any more excess packaging materials and thereby puts more financial pressure on CPG and Retailers which lead to higher consumer product prices and higher taxes from municipalities. 

The new "Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System" will improve the way consumers recycle their packaged goods right in their homes - before it gets put in the Blue Bin.

The Kwik BagIt System has had preliminary results of capturing 80%+ recovery.

Ontario announces roll out of full EPR legislation

Reducing plastic waste and litter and making producers responsible for the end-of-life management of their products is a key part of the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan commitment to balance a healthy economy and a healthy environment and keep our province clean and beautiful, the ministry says.



Kwik BagIt has spent the last 3 years developing a Patent Pending Process that will revolutionize the way that we all recycle. This fresh new approach will create efficiencies to all stakeholders including manufacturers, retailers, consumers, waste management and recycling collectors, recycling processors and municipal landfills.

"Proper waste management and responsible recycling practices -

Starts at the Source - in Our Homes and not at the end of a Conveyor Belt."

CEO Harold Sokyrka

Kwik BagIt Products International Inc. has developed the Patent Pending System called the“Kwik BagIt Closed Loop Rewards Recycling System” which is a licensed program that will encourage the householder to change their ways of understanding why it is important for us to practice Proper Recycling Habits, and I am proud to announce the “Absolute Best Way to Recycle”.


Many CPG Manufacturers and Retailers have successfully introduced Loyalty Rewards Programs that have benefited the consumer and retailers.

Simple Fact: People like to be rewarded!

Now, you can reward your Loyalty Customers for becoming more responsible about recycling as well. With this new program, households will begin to change their ways of recycling in a very simple way and together we can improve sustainability and help to save the environment and unplug our municipal landfills from unnecessary plastics.


When you look closely at the bottom of every plastic container produced, International Symbols for the 7 types of plastic are found indicating the type of plastic the container is made of. There is a valuable volatile market for these materials and after spending costly measures to collect, sort and package these items. Recycling Companies continue to fail in collecting quality materials due to contamination and co-mingling, and at the end of the day they can only collect 9% of the good stuff. The Kwik BagIt System has had preliminary results of 80%+ recovery.


Kwik BagIt has developed a set of 6 different bags that are individually labelled with the International Plastic Symbols.

There will also be bags made for Tin and Aluminum cans and Glass (jars and bottles).

Included in the package of bags will be a set of 8 stickers that will correspond to the Loyalty Card Holders Membership.

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Included in the package:

Set of 8 bags , UPC sticker labels, plastic hooks to hang bags on to Curbside Blue Bins or KBI Docking Station


Hang on to Sides of Curbside Blue Bin Roll Out

(Click on the White Arrow to view the video)

Hang on to Sides of Kwik BagIt "Docking Station"


  • Additional source of revenues - SET OF BAGS ($19.95), KBI DOCKING STATION( $24.95), MORE BAGS
  • Take ownership on Sustainability and develop new strategy for Proper Recycling Practices
  • Offer your Loyalty Members another reason to continue to shop with your company
  • Manufacturers and Retailers can offer coupons and incentives to their Loyalty Customers
  • Improve public perception that Proper Recycling is important and that your company really does care

9 Stages of Success for Proper Recycling Practice and how the Closed-Loop System Works.

1st Stage:

1.  The Licensed Retailer will reach out to their existing Loyalty Card Members with the opportunity to Opt-in to the New Program which will be administered and promoted by the their Rewards Department to encourage

proper household recycling habits.

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2nd Stage:

The Licensed Consumer will use their existing Loyalty Points Card to Enrol in the New Program and they will purchase a package of 8 Kwik BagIt Bags that will have International Symbols on the bags that will identity the type of plastic that goes into the bags. (The retail value of this package of bags will be under $20 which includes their membership fee).

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 3rd Stage: The Consumer takes the set of bags home and follows the instructions that are included in the package, along with a set of adhesive labels that share the same number as the registered card holder of the Loyalty Program. These labels are placed on to the bags and become the identifier of the consumer.

4th Stage: The Consumer will use the Loyalty App on their cell phone to scan the numbers on all 6 types of bags so that the data is collected indicating that they are now part of the “System” and they will now begin to store data for the stakeholders and for the accumulation of the points for the recycling program .

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5th Stage: Once the consumer has opened the package or consumed the product, they will use their cell phone to scan the UPC or QR code on the package. This data will be stored and later sent to the Licensed CPG Manufacturers to indicate that this Consumer Loyalty Member has purchased the product and this data can be used to send coupons and events to the Consumer later on.

6th Stage: Before spent item has been consumed, one of the important rules is to wash and rinse the empty containers. (One of the biggest problems for Recycling companies is contamination - this step will eliminate this problem before the item leave the household.

7th Stage:

The Consumer will look for the International Symbol that is located on the bottom of the container and will drop it into the appropriate bag with the International Coded Symbol on it. Once again the Consumer will follow the rules regarding this to prevent co-mingling of plastics which is also a major problem for Recycling companies.

8th Stage:

Consumer will take the full KBI bags back to the Licensed Retailer where there will be Drop Off Container,that will only open if the Consumer scans their Loyalty Card

(similar to an ATM) where the bags can be either dropped into the collection container. The Consumer will purchase new bags to replace the ones that they just dropped off.

Final Stage: The Licensed retailer will have proprietary designated disposal containers in their parking lots where the Consumer deposit the contents of the KBI Bags. The bags are scanned and weighed and a photo is taken by the consumer to indicate that the System Process has been completed. The Data will be recorded and all Stakeholders will have a report of the details of the transaction.

Once the bin is full - a Licensed Recycling Company will pick up the contents and forward to a Recycling Processor to finalize the Closed-Loop Process.


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