"Known" takes you deep into the verses of Psalm 139 to remind you of two truths:

  1. God knows you completely, and
  2. God loves you unconditionally.

As you study these truths, you will also learn that:

  • God is intimately aware of your needs,
  • God offers specific guidance for your life,
  • God created you with purposeful intentionality, and
  • God knows the number of your days.

Each KNOWN lesson has four days of content, including:

  • Prayers for you and others.
  • Bible Passages that take each weekly lesson deeper.
  • Step By Step Bible Studies that train you in inductive Bible study.
  • Audio Podcasts featuring Angie with various ministry partners.
  • Devotions that center your heart and mind.
  • Action Steps to begin changing your life today.

You will also receive:

  • A Music Playlist designed to keep you motivated, focused, and in a worshipful place with the Lord.
  • Video Links teaching the Step By Step Bible study method.

Preview the first lesson here.

Step By Step is an inductive Bible study method that uses five steps to study one word in a verse of scripture to find life application.


Pick a word for your focus.


  1. Compare your word in other Bible translations.
  2. Research the original word.
  3. Read commentary.
  4. Rewrite the verse in your own words.


Note the characteristics of God most important to you in what you are studying.


See where the enemy is working to steal your joy, kill your peace, and destroy your trust in God.


Consider your key takeaway.

Hello, I'm Angie Baughman.

I am a pastor, Bible teacher, podcaster, author, speaker, founder of Steady On, and creator of the Step By Step Bible study method. Yes, I know! That's a lot of job titles.

More than all that, though, I am a woman who has been touched by the hand of God through Bible study. God continues to free me from layers of shame resulting from childhood abuse and trauma. Receiving the healing He offers comes from Bible study. Because I study, I know God's promises and can recognize the enemy's attempts to isolate me from the victory and power offered through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is my deepest desire to create resources that help you do the same.

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