Monthly Yoga for Life

Online Class Subscriptions

Sustaining - $119

Loving - $89

Grounding - $59

Community - $19

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Monthly Subscription Made Easy

Each week, Yoga for Life will publish Zoom Meeting IDs for the Online Classes being offered that week. Meeting IDs will be provided in our emails and we will also display Meeting IDs daily on Yoga for Life's Home Page.

In addition to the Online Class Subscription Payment Options we've offered all along, Yoga for Life recently added a few additional options to support those who wish to authorize or request recurring payments.

Self-Directed Options

1/ Make a Zelle transfer to 7042936868 in the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription you would like to purchase. (We recently learned that Zelle may not authorize the small business transaction if you are using a debit card. This is not at Yoga for Life's request and we apologize for the inconvenience.)

2/ Create a MindBody account (or access the MindBody account you already have) and make your Monthly Subscription purchase there. Click Here and then choose "Register Online" (upper right) to purchase your Monthly Online Class Subscription through MindBody.

3/ Write a check for the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription you choose and mail it to 1847 Kenwood Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205.

Additional Options for Convenient Recurring Payments

4/ Most Banks offer Online Banking and a “Bill Pay” option that allows you to identify a date, amount and recipient for regular monthly payments.

5/ Yoga for Life can make a recurring “request” to your PayPal account at the beginning of each month for the amount you designate. All you do is respond “Yes” to the request.

6/ Yoga for Life can schedule a monthly transaction through MindBody to charge the debit/credit card of your choice for the amount of the Monthly Online Class Subscription.

In all of the scenarios outlined, you maintain complete control over your transactions. You may terminate or modify your payment instruction at any time … change the amount upward/downward or modify the payment date.

We are most grateful for your presence in the Yoga for Life community of wellness and are fully committed to supporting you through the pandemic … and beyond. If you wish to schedule a recurring payment for your Monthly Online Class Subscription, please reply to this message to let me know. It would be a privilege to walk you through the various options and schedule something that works perfectly for you!

That's all there is to it!

Yoga for Life Online Class Q&A

My technical skills are limited. Is this for me?

Absolutely! Yoga for Life is simply in a virtual location now – on Zoom. (No matter where you live, we guaranty you will have a shorter commute to join us here!) We will be happy to help you get set up, if needed. You probably also have friends or family who are familiar with Zoom and can offer support. Many people are finding that Zoom is very useful right now for remaining connected to family, friends and neighbors. Usually, clicking on the links Yoga for Life provides is all you need to do.


Will other people see or hear me during the class?

The default setting we have chosen on Zoom for Yoga for Life’s Online Classes will be for both your audio and your video to be OFF. This means that your microphone will be muted and you will not be seen on video (unless you change that setting yourself). You will have privacy and can even practice in your pajamas if you’d like. You may unmute yourself at the beginning/end of class to greet others and/or ask questions. When class begins, all settings will be returned to "mute" to minimize sound distractions. As Online Classes become better established, privacy settings may be modified for classes to become more interactive. We will be sure you are apprised of any changes to privacy settings.

Any advice for enjoying the Online Class experience?

If you don’t already have a dedicated space for home yoga practice, consider setting up a small area where you have room to move and will not be interrupted. Turn off the phone. Mute the sound on your computer. Gather your mat, a couple of blankets, a strap, a bolster, an eye pillow and some blocks. Commit to allowing this to be the same uninterrupted time it would be if we were at Yoga for Life together. Here are a few suggestions for props if you don't have standard yoga equipment at your home.

  • Strap - Bathrobe Tie, Fabric Dog Leash or Long Sleeved Shirt (hold the sleeves)
  • Bolster - Folded Quilt, Chair Cushion or Sturdy Pillow
  • Blocks - Thick Books (For some purposes, e.g., balancing support, a chair seat can be used in place of a block)
  • Eye Pillow - Wash Cloth or Soft Scarf


Any final thoughts?

We are all in this together, so please reach out if you are in need of support. We feel privileged to continue offering classes even though we cannot physically share the same space right now. Separate, yet together.