You don't want to miss this.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for their service? It could be a firefighter, volunteer, teacher, a kid selling lemonade for chairs… ANYONE with a heart for our community!

The winner will receive a $500 donation to a local charity or organization of their choice.

Thank you to Gresham Ford for sponsoring the Heart of the Community award!

Congratulations to our First Winner,  Lieutenant Sean Lundry! Here is just one example of one of the nominations we received for Lt. Lundry:

“Sean Lundry is a lieutenant with the Sandy police department. He cares deeply about the community and is always trying to build relationships with the community through volunteer work and open communication. His commitment to safety and well-being makes him a valuable asset to the community.”

Lt. Lundry split his award money between to local nonprofits, AntFarm Youth Services and D31 Foundation. Thank you Lt. Lundry for being the Heart of the Community!