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9 April 2024

V3 Certified Employers

Need help? Our Virginia Values Veterans (V3) staff can assist transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, dependents and caregivers with access to Virginia resources.  Our team provides support to ensure that every veteran or eligible person has a fair opportunity to reach their fullest potential through employment, transition assistance, training and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

View the latest jobs from V3 Certified Organizations located in Central Virginia

View the latest jobs from V3 Certified Organizations located in Northern Virginia

Virginia SkillBridge Fellowships

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services Virginia SkillBridge Fellowship Program provides transitioning service members the opportunity to network with V3 Certified Organizations offering 6-12 week internships to eligible applicants, with commander approval, up to six months prior to separation. 

Participation in a fellowship program while still serving in the military allows you to gain marketable skills and experience to enhance your civilian career opportunities. If you are interested in the program and are within 18 months from separation, please download the Service Member Interest Form below, and send that along with your resume to [email protected]

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View the latest jobs from V3 Certified Organizations located for

Remote positions



Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) Chesterfield County Public Schools is the public school system of Chesterfield County, Virginia, United States. There are about 64,000 students enrolled in 66 schools. Click below to discover the school system's veteran friendly job postings.

View the latest jobs from V3 Certified Organizations located in Hampton Roads Virginia

View the latest jobs from V3 Certified Organizations located in Southwest Virginia

The V3 community is represented by a wide range of industries across the Commonwealth, from large and small businesses alike. These organizations have demonstrated that they Value Veterans, and have made a public commitment to hire Veterans. Click on the logo above to review and access the career pages of hundreds of V3 Certified Organizations that are ready to hire Veterans. 



Training given while on the job by an employer who agrees to retain the trainee in employment may be considered a program of education for VA benefits. The structured training must be six months to two years in duration.


Training given while on the job (80-90%) and in the classroom (10-20%) by a sponsor who has been registered by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Apprenticeship to offer the progressive attainment of manual, mechanical or technical skills & knowledge in accordance with industry standards for an occupation that meets apprenticeable criteria. Average length of Apprenticeship training is four years.

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