Moms, I've got questions for you


When considering different water

options, are you looking for something

fancy enough that even your

grown kids will think

you are in fact superwoman and

they're drinking liquid gold?

Or maybe something so magical

that the water bottles will have

sparkles and unicorns in them?

Come on now,

we all know presentation matters,

even for hydration!

So, what triggered that water

change curiosity? Did you catch

yourself performing a secret ritual

to summon a water sommelier?

All jokes aside, I myself am

no water sommelier, but I am a


especially now that I know what

I know and have made the move to

change our water, to change our lives!

The Mind-Blowing Technology For Every Home, Office, Air B&B, ect!

Alkaline ionized water has a

higher pH level using a

Water Ionizer Machine

using electrolysis to separate it into

alkaline and acidic streams.

This is the powerful health technology

that’s transforming people's health,

helping them go green and

revolutionizing the way

we drink water.

It has several household

applications and saves

100s and 1000s of dollars yearly,

simply by using it daily at home.

It’s becoming the next must-have

household appliance since the

invention of the microwave!

Take a look at this video below

and book a 15 minute call

with me to learn how you can

get your own Ionizer with

$0 down and affordable payments.

(14:23 min video)

The Must Have Technology for Every Home: Narrated by Pure Vibes Christina

This may or may not make a

difference to the Mamas out there but

just in case it ya go...

This Kangen Water Machine, K8,

is owned by top athletes and celebrities

all over the world like;

Tom Brady, Beyonce, Kevin Hart,

Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather,

Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods,

Eric Worre, Tony Robbins,

Grant Cardone and many others.

With bottled water,

you just don't really know what

is actually in it and yet,

you're always buying it.

Let's not forget how horrible plastic

waste is for the environment!

The question most are concerned

about Kangen water a scam?

Hopefully, you can feel more

reassured from hearing what

Naturopathic Doctor, Tiffany Jackson

has to say about the "scam" concerns.

(4:26 min video)

Is Kangen Water A Scam?: Naturopathic Doctor Tiffany Jackson

You are only scammed when

you deal with someone who is

not worthy of trusting's me you're

talking to so you know 100%


Confession, I am equally in love

with the Anespa shower ionizer

with 6.0 pH Beauty Water.

My daughter and I have

never had such healthy hair

and skin thanks to this unit!

Take a listen to

Dr. Michael Donaldson

as he explains a bit more on

why this is also a must-have for

every shower in your home,

including the guest shower!

(2:59 min video)

Think About The Water From Your Shower: The ANESPA by Dr. Michael Donaldson

Is this even possible?

Is this even real?

I have personally tried

80% of the suggested uses in

this video and I can attest,

It's possible, it's real and

I am saving money BIG TIME!

(6:48 min video)

Change Your Water Change Your Life: Say

For years we used Brita water filters.

Not after learning what we've learned.

This made our decision

to purchase our own

Kangen machine a no brainer!

(0:59 sec video)

Change Your Water, Change Your Life! Save Money And Say Goodbye to Toxic Chemicals For Good!


The below graphic might

have you thinking differently

about buying enough water

for your daily consumption!

More from Dr. Michael

on Ionized Water and how

it can change your life!

(31:30 min video)

Dr. Michael Explains How Changing Your Water Can Change Your Life

His personal story about his

baby girl's change of life

was one of the reasons

I said YES!

Hey, thanks so much for taking

time out of your busy day to

learn more about ways you too

can enhance your families life and

for listening to the passion my

family and I are nuts about!

Please book your 15 min call

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My gift to you is for a