Pathway to Teshuvah : A 40 Day Journey


Wednesday evening

August 16, 2023 - Elul 1

and goes to

Friday evening

September 22, 2023 - Erev Shabbat

prior to

Yom Kippur

starting the evening of

September 24, 2023

At this time of year, our focus should turn to reflection and draws us toward repentance. Join us on this 40 Day journey to discover the wonder and awe in the Fall Feasts of the Lord, some beautiful traditions that teach us depth and understanding, as well as ways to draw us closer to Elohim.

The Feasts of the Lord

are found


Leviticus 23

The Materials for this study are based off of these Feasts.

Traditionally, the Book of Jonah

is read on Yom Kippur.

This unique in-depth study will cover:

The Month of Elul and the 10 Days of Awe

The Concept of Teshuvah (repentance)

and Viduy (Confession)

The Cycle of Santicfication:

Shabbat, Biblical Feasts, and other Celebrations

The Concepts of

Malkuyot (Kingship),

Zechronot (Remembrance),

and Shofarot (Shofar)

Psalm 27

Psalm 47

Nehemiah 8

The Book of Jonah

A brief mention of:

The Blood Covenant

The Leper

Pesach Timeline

With Additional Materials for added benefit.

This study will also include:

Hebrew Word of the Day with

Basic Hebrew Grammar Tips

A NIGHTLY Zoom class will accompany this study.

Each evening at 6:00pm (AZ Time zone) there will be a ZOOM call to go over the Hebrew lesson, answer homework questions from previous day's lesson, and discuss the NEW Lesson each night. There is no time limit on the Zoom call, so come and go as your schedule allows. The calls are NOT required, but they add to the experience.

How it will work

  • REGISTER below        
  • You will receive each Lesson in PDF form for 40 Days via email
  • Study the Lesson each day to prepare for a nightly Zoom class
  • Attend the Zoom class nightly, except on Shabbat, Yom Teruah, and Yom Kippur

Join us to learn exciting things about this Fall Season.

A closer look at the Workbook

For each of the 40 days (except on Shabbat), you will be sent PDF files that pertain to that day's lesson. There will be EXTRA activities and some homework included.

Each Lesson will cover several components so there will be PLENTY of opportunity for study and growth.

There will be a Hebrew Word of the Day and a Hebrew Grammar Tip included with each lesson

There will be homework opportunities, but NOT required. You will get out of the study what you put into it.

What will I need for the class?

Everyone MUST REGISTER their email to join the class and get the lessons (Registration below)

Computer or phone

with Internet access

Your Bible

The following are *OPTIONAL:

*ZOOM access(If you want to join the ZOOM call each evening)

*A printer if you want to print the lessons

* A binder to keep the printed lessons in

*Blank index cards for Flashcards

*A notebook to take notes

*A JOURNAL - Optional, but highly recommended.