Happy Labor Day! We hope everyone enjoys fun family time together.

SCA Progress Report will be emailed to you on Friday, September 9th. Please review your child’s progress report. If you would like to schedule a conference contact your child’s teacher by email.

This week the GKIDS Readiness Check assessment window will open. The assessment window will be open through September 14, 2022. Students will be assessed individually throughout this time period. To learn more about the GKIDS Readiness Check please visit http://gkidsreadinesscheck.gadoe.org/. Please help students prepare for the assessment by coming to school well rested and ready to learn.

Don’t forget your nap roll and a snack! Please provide a nutritious snack for students to eat daily. Nap rolls and blankets will be returned on Friday for cleaning.

What We Are Learning


This week students will continue to study uppercase and lowercase letters. We will focus on identifying letter F, writing letter F and words that begin with the letter F sound. We will also identify letter T, write letter T and words that begin with the T sound. Students will review essential skills taught for letters M, A, S, N, R. The students will also learn to read the following word family words: fan, man, ran, Sam, mat, sat, rat, fat, tan. Please practice alphabet letter recognition and letter writing daily. We will also quiz on letters F, T, and words fan, man, ran, Sam, mat, sat, rat, fat tan.


This week we will complete iReady Lesson 3: Counting to 4. Students will be able to write number four. They will also count groups of objects in sets up to 4.


This week students will read iReady Read Aloud C: Chrysanthemum. Students will be able to identify the Characters, setting and major events of the story. Students will use their knowledge of the stories to ask and answer questions about the characters and events of the stories.


This week we will learn about the five senses. Students will be able to use their senses to describe physical attributes of objects such as cloth, buttons, paper, word or plastic.

Social Studies:

This week we will learn about Labor Day as a national holiday. We will also continue our study of American symbols.

sca sunday.jpg

Ms. Kessler's Kindergarten class enjoyed our Title-I Family Compact Popsicle Party! Our class won a special Popsicle snack for being one of the first classes to return all of our Title-I Family Compacts. Special thanks to our families who support our learning success!