May is Bike Month

This May,

You Bike. We Give.

If you pledge to ride your bike, at least once during the month of May,

KMM will donate $1 to Girls in Gear.

It's easy to participate.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Take a Bike ride to work or to school or for an errand. Riding at your local park or trails, count too!

Teach someone to ride a bike. Share the biking love -

young or old.

Participate in a local bike race or organize a group ride with family, friends or neighbors.

What are you waiting for?

Your Ride Makes a Big Impact

For every pledge we receive, $1 will be donated to Girls in Gear; a non-profit that provides an eight-week program for young girls ages 6 to 16 who want to build confidence on and off their bikes.

So this May, your one bike ride can make a big impact on you,

your community, and the young girls at Girls in Gear.

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KMM will donate up to $150 to Girls in Gear

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