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NEW Resources for a Luminous Life

While on a quest to discover my truth and my purpose, I realized it's a journey, not a destination. After practicing a number of methods to get to know my original self, I put together a few quick and easy resources to show you how beautiful you are, too.

I am your cue to discover and love your Divine design, and why you are here. I see the powerful you. And I want to spark your light for you to see your brilliance, too.

My goal is to inform you of how bright of a light you are & the part you play in it all!

The best part is...you get to choose how we do that...


Custom Candles

  • Want to send a message letting someone know you see their unique beautiful light?
  • Want to simply move to the next phase with ease and support?
  • Want to establish an energy in your space that emits everything you want?

Custom Candles are a product of tuning into what aligns with the recipient. Schedule a free Zoom consultation to discuss your unique intention and allow Cue, to support you in shining brightly.


  • Sacred Birth (welcoming new life)
  • Sacred Death (honoring life and supporting transition with peace & love)
  • Sacred Union (a renewal and weaving of Divine Love into a relationship)
  • Rites of Passage (orient the body and mind to the maturing soul's journey)
  • Intention Candle Sacred Ceremony & Meet Your Crystal Allies Sacred Ceremony

Ceremonies are held in sacred container while observing sacred practices and anchoring Divine love. Schedule a free Zoom consultation to learn more.

Private Sessions

  • Learn your Divine design and why you're here
  • Receive insight to dreams, visions, or other experiences
  • Be empowered to lead your life in peace and love

Book a private session or schedule a FREE discovery call to see how we're aligned to work together.

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Live the balanced luminous life you dream of...

If you feel called to connect with me, but aren't sure where to start? No worries.

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Cue, Shamanic Healer + Transformational Coach

Owner & Creatrix of Eleven Eleven Candles and More