Full Ahead

Executive Maritime Mentoring Program

Season 1

WISTA Hellas is pleased to announce the launching of “Full Ahead” Exclusive Maritime Mentoring Program Season 1.

“Our aim is to empower and support each other in professional challenges that could be faced in our career paths. Mentors and Mentees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions with constructive feedback in a diverse environment. Mentees during the mentorship sessions will be guided by experienced industry leaders that will be committed to their aspirations”.

The WISTA Maritime Mentoring Program aspires to empower peers that will participate as mentees to:

  • Grow competencies
  • Build soft skills
  • Get prepared for workplace challenges
  • Deal with difficulties
  • We also invite our members to sign up for Mentor’s position and support this initiative by having an active role in the WISTA Mentor’s pool.

This is an opportunity for you to:

  • Support young professionals by sharingexperience
  • Boost your interpersonal skills
  • Practice your leadership skills
  • Reflect to a different mindset

Upon creating an adequate pool of Mentors a series of Training sessions will be arranged around key topics related to the Mentor’s role, and which will significantly increase the effectiveness of the guidance you can offer to your mentees.

The “Full Ahead” Maritime Mentoring Program Leader, Vasiliki Ketse, is a highly qualified professional with 12 years’ experience in maritime industry with marine background on board vessels. Mentoring the last 3 years in various programs, leading young professionals to achieve their goals in many aspects and she is committed to deliver precious insights to the program and its participants.

Please apply using the links below

Empowering the human element in Maritime