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Welcome to Our HeartMind Adventure Collection!

Our HeartMind Adventure series gives our readers a way to understand more about the value of CEI's 5Cs—consciousness, compassion, confidence, courage, and community. 

Review our collection of practical exercises to start your HeartMind journey and deepen your understanding and practice of our signature approach to social emotional learning and mindfulness.

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May 2021

Building Community

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April 2021

Culture of Courage

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March 2021

Confidence & Self-Care

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February 2021

Cultivating Compassion

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January 2021

Equity Consciousness

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December 2021

The Essence of a HeartMind Approach

Note: Our HeartMind Adventure series is a featured section of CEI's monthly e-news. The series is not included in special editions of our e-news. Accordingly, there are no posts in this collection for the June 2021 and July 2021 releases as those were special editions of HeartMind e-News.

Stay posted for updates to our HeartMind Adventure Collection.