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WE INVITE YOU TO #JoinTheConversation2021

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Join us for our year-long virtual education series


The Aging Well, Maintaining Brain Health & Understanding Dementia series is designed to provide you with new leading-edge topics presented by national experts.

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1) 21st Century Aging - Preparing for the Healthcare Paradigm Shift  (March 16)

2)   Is it Alzheimer’s or Normal Aging? Do Memory Problems Mean Alzheimer’s? (March 18)

3) Social Isolation: Avoiding and Understanding the Unintended Consequences  (April 13)

4) Decoding our DNA and our Genes: What this says about your Future Health  (April 22)

5)  Medication & Mind Fog – Is it Dementia or your Meds?  (May 11)

6) Actively Embracing our Mortality - Preparing to Grow Old  (May 20)

7)  Music and Dementia: Finding a New Way to Communicate  (June 8)

8)  Rust or Resilience: The Aging Brain  (June 17)

9) Answering all the “When” Questions  (July 13)

10)  Science, the Body and Your Diet: Reducing Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Part 1  (July 22)

11)  Science, the Body and Your Diet: Reducing Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Part 2  (Aug 10)

12)  Managing the Family Dynamics of caring for an Aging Loved One  (August 19)

13)  Caring for a Diverse Senior Population: Cultural Competence and Healthcare (September 14)

14)  Understanding and developing Emotional Resilience  (September 23)

15)  Addiction and the Senior Population  (October 12)

16)  Alternative Medicine and Alzheimer's  (October 21)

17)  Managing the 5 Cognitive Domains of Brain Health  (November 9)

18)  The Science of Alzheimer’s Prevention – What’s the Latest Research  (November 18)

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