Crafted with Mastery

You all have heard "kiln-dried hardwood, double-dowelled, glued, screwed, and corner-blocked." To us, that's simply basic. We believe it's the way a frame should be crafted. What isn't basic is the expertise and dedication that it takes to build a frame that exceeds expectations. A Lancaster frame is constructed to last, to be reupholstered, and to be passed on to the next generation. This mindset is embedded in our culture. Our framers are masters of their craft, creating each frame one by one, and are dedicated to insuring that each frame is built precisely to our specifications. We thought you might like to meet them.


We are often on our path in life long before we realize it. Darrell began his at the age of 8, spending time with his dad and uncle, learning skills that would carry through to adulthood. He continued to gain experience after serving in the United States Coast Guard and today works closely with our creative team engineering new designs. When he isn't tackling projects at home, Darrell hunts and fishes for pleasure.


With years of dedication, Freddie began his career working for a decades-old North Carolina furniture manufacturer. Developing and honing his skills through their training program elevated him to master carpenter and framer. Constantly focused, his workmanship is stellar and he is an integral member of our team. Freddie is a car enthusiast who loves to travel and enjoys fishing.


Learning to hand-carve small figures such as bears and Indians as a teenager sparked Steve's interest in woodworking. He made his own bow and arrows and also carved using a chainsaw. His command of these skills led to creating models for molds and then to making exposed wood furniture and case goods. Working with wood is a part of who he is and we're glad it led him to us.

More than 75 years of combined experience.