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September 2021

As we adapt to changing state guidelines, changing weather, and changing local circumstances,

we will be modifying our club protocols for protecting our users from transmission of the coronavirus and variants.

Our thanks to you all for staying patient and staying vigilant!

Benton County's Health Status

Effective August 13, Governor Brown has reinstated the mask mandate statewide. Tennis activities are considered a comptitive sport, so indoor tennis is exempt from the mandate. You may only play maskless indoors if you have shown the staff proof of being fully vaccinated. Those not fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask playing tennis indoors.

Benton County continues to have a high rate of vaccination and a low rate of new COVID infections.

Let's stay vigilant and keep it that way!

Tennis Court Availability

Currently all of our indoor and outdoor courts are available to reserve, with no additional restrictions.

Instruction and programming have resumed, with regular class and program capacities.

Lobby/Pro Shop

The lobby and pro shop is open to the public, with no mask requirements.

We do strongly encourage non-vaccinated individuals to wear a mask when indoors.

TTC COVID-19 Emergency Action Plan

Our COVID playbook still exists, but is not as critical at this time. Contract tracing is no longer required by the club. In the unlikely event of an outbreak at TTC, we will fall back on the protocols in the EAP.

Travel by Members and Employees

We want to remind everyone to please continue to follow state and CDC guidelines when it comes to traveling out of state or traveling via plane, bus, or train. If you are not fully vaccinated, any of these things requires a 10-day symptom-free quarantine upon your return home, or a negative test taken day 5 or later after your return before you do things like visit your tennis club. If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to quarantine after travel prior to returning to the club.

USTA Guidance

USTA has released updated guidance regarding safety protocols around the courts. This guidance has helped us to keep up to date with our policies here at the club.

Playing Tennis Safely During COVID (flyer)


Effective August 13, 2021, players at Timberhill Tennis Club who are fully vaccinated and have shown proof to TTC staff will not be required to wear a face mask while participating on the indoor or outdoor courts. All patrons, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask when in the clubhouse or locker room areas.

Doors & Locker Rooms

No further restrictions at this time.


We'll be keeping airflow vents open in the near future to facilitate ventilation,

and will periodically use the fans in courts 4-6 to exhaust the air.