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Whether your department needs more funding for a project, needs to track grant recipients, or needs to distribute funding, Ecivis's Grants Network has you covered. Their Grants Network is 100% compliant with CFR 200 Uniform Grant Guidance.

Find a Grant

eCivis uses a customizable search box to filter through grants that aren't a fit for your department. Once opportunities aligned with your organization are discovered, an email is sent straight to your inbox.

Monitor/Monitor your Grants

Grants Network lets you track and report your grants in one space. Track and report your grants, projects, and expenditures in one place.

eCivis can help departments calculate and negotiate indirect cost rates on-demand, as well as track your budgets in one easy-to-use portal through their solution "Allocate"

Acuity holds an IT Consulting CMAS contract, so we can assist with implementation of your new grants management system. To learn more about eCivis or to receive a consultation from our team, reach out to [email protected]. Acuity will be on eCivis's SLP shortly, so stay tuned!