Hope and Healing TV

Educational Series to Support Children and Families

FALL 2021


As we settle into the school year after a year of isolation and social distancing, youth and families may have new thoughts and worries around what’s to come.

In the time it takes to watch one of your favorite shows, we will be diving in to different topics and sharing resources to support parents and children during this time.  Join us!


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Pros and Cons of the Apps Your Kids Use

Speaker: Bryan Cardenas Jara, LSW 

30 minutes


9/20 at 6pm

9/27 at 6pm

10/4 at 6pm

10/11 at 6pm

This webinar for parents will focus on apps that youth are using for school, fun, and to socialize; educate parents on the pros and cons of these applications; and discuss how to encourage their children to use them in a safe manner. 

Mindfulness for Better Sleep

Speaker: Victoria Buhl, MPH, CHES

2 part series; 30 minutes each

Dates: 9/20 and 9/27 at 7:30pm

This session will focus on the importance of sleep and how to best set ourselves up for a good night’s rest by quieting our minds. Open to youth and family. 

Boundary Setting 101

Speaker: Victoria Buhl, MPH, CHES

2-part series; 30 minutes each

Dates: 10/4 and 10/11 at 7:30pm

This series will discuss the importance of creating and upholding boundaries, as well as how to effectively set them for yourselves and your children. Open to parents.

Beating Procrastination and Methods of Success in Organization

Speaker: Autumn Kilduff, Support Specialist and Peer Mentor

2-part series; 30 minutes each


9/21 and 9/23 at 5:30pm

9/28 and 9/30 at 5:30pm

10/5 and 10/7 at 5:30pm

10/12 and 10/14 at 5:30pm

This webinar will showcase tips on what school supplies and tools will be critical for success. Open to youth and families.

How to Recognize Toxic Friendships

Speaker: Anita Crowley, Certified School Counselor, National Anger Management Specialist

30 minutes


9/22 at 7pm

9/29 at 7pm

10/6 at 7pm

10/13 at 7pm

Friendships make life more meaningful. They provide a positive effect that makes us feel good about ourselves and others – but what if your friend does the opposite? Learn the most common signs to look for in a toxic friendship and pick up tips on how to handle them. Open to all ages.

Recognizing Anxiety in Kids and Teens

Speaker: Anita Crowley, Certified School Counselor, National Anger Management Specialist

2-part series; 30 minutes each


9/23 and 9/30 at 7:30pm (young kids)

10/7 and 10/14 at 7:30 (teens)

These webinars will explore different signs of anxiety and stress in elementary, middle school, and high school- age youth. Parents will learn how to support their children in managing their anxiety.

This program is brought to you through the New Jersey Hope and Healing Crisis Counseling Program (CCP). The CCP is provided by RWJBarnabas Health Institute for Prevention and Recovery in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services and is funded through a FEMA/SAMHSA grant.

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