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New Mexico New Elder World

Proactively Engaging NM's Elders

Our Vision

...is to create the conditions for an age friendly world where those aged 50-70+ (we affectionately call this group of people New Elders) are regarded for their wisdom, expertise, and life experience. 

Our Mission

...is to capture the genius and proactively engage New Elders by providing pathways of engagement through learning events, work and/or volunteer opportunities, and social connections. 

NM-NEW is creating a place where businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations can find qualified people ready to share their skills, wisdom, and expertise.

Our innovative online HUB will serve as a clearing house of the many resources readily available, a place where New Elders find guidance toward their next endeavor. 


An investment in NM-NEW

is an investment in the wellbeing of our New Elders, Aged 50+


NM-NEW began operations October 8, 2020 and was awarded 501(c)3 nonprofit status from the IRS in August 2021. Our social profit organization is in it's early stage of development. To build a community

of New Elders across New Mexico, we began by offering online learning programs.

Our goals for 2022 are to design, develop, and launch the technology needed to connect new elders to work and volunteer opportunities, create a resource library, and offer social programs.

We seek funding from individuals, corporations, grants, government funding, and event sponsorship. Additional funding will eventually come from membership fees. YOUR contribution will help position NM-NEW to fully expand with the technology needed to enable us to engage more New Elders.

All donations are tax deductible.

Since our soft launch in 2021, we have grown our community to over 630+ New Elders, held 15 online learning events, 2 in-person events, with a robust event schedule planned for 2023.

We invite you to help build a thriving New Elder World in New Mexico.

We're just getting started!

Want to know more?

Meet with NM-NEW Founder Paula Getz and the other NM-NEW Board Members

Larry Alei, Jesus Ontiveros, and Pam Hurd-Knief (pictured below) to learn more about our vision

and discuss the benefits of supporting New Mexico's aging population and the invaluable asset we have in our Elders.


For more information, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Phase 1

  • Establish Operations
  • Secure Key Partnerships
  • Develop Programs
  • Build Community

Phase 2

  • Engage Community through Learning Programs
  • Continue Building & Engaging with Community

Phase 3

  • Design the App
  • Launch the HUB
  • Continue Learning Programs
  • Introduce Social Programs

The Challenges

A shifting age demographic is underway in the US with one third of the population already age 50 or older. An ever-increasing percentage of highly skilled workers are due to retire in the coming years. By 2030, 30% of New Mexico’s population will be over the age of 60. Many have been in a stable career and are unfamiliar with how to find new opportunities or volunteer in their communities or to function as a consultant, and some need extra income upon retirement.

The average age for retirement is 62 to 65 in the US. 80% of Baby Boomers indicate they intend to keep working after retirement. AARP reports that 1 in 4 (25%) retire into poverty, so they must continue working.

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The group of people defined as seniors spans an age range from 50 to 100 and older. People are living, learning, and working longer than previous generations of seniors. It is time we transform the definition of seniors by creating a new elder worldview with services and solutions that meet the needs of the various age cohorts.

New Elders age 50+ have unique financial and social needs, especially women who already suffer from a life-long wage gap and spend three times more hours than men as unpaid caregivers. COVID has exacerbated the problem. In fact, four times as many women as men dropped out of the labor force in September 2020 due to the collapse of childcare, with 60% of caregiving needs met by women. And, women tend to live longer than men, so they need financial income to last longer.

Women Wage Gap in NM.jpg

Over 51% of New Mexico’s businesses are owned by someone over the age of 50. According to a recent study, an estimated 12 million owners age 50+ in the US will exit their business in the next 5-10 years, with only 3 in 10 having a plan to transition their business into new leadership.

The Opportunities

NM-NEW will create an easy and accessible way for retirees to engage at the pace they want will provide support to the business and nonprofit sectors, bringing meaning and purpose to those who participate.

Improve the health of an aging population leading to longevity for these precious members of society. 

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NM-NEW is a channel for engagement within the business or nonprofit world, and a resource for learning new skills or participating in social activities with the New Elder community. NM-NEW is about providing retirees with a way to find their place in the community. 

NM-NEW will also be a single point of contact (SPOC) for nonprofits, start-ups, incubators, and small businesses that need part-time or supplemental consultant resources, leveraging connections with skilled retirees to ensure appropriate placements. Some people will want to volunteer time while others may prefer a consulting model and be motivated to give back to the community at a reduced or free consulting rate. Visualize an “Angi’s List for Startups/Small Business” for a fee and a way to channel the retiree brain-trust to our nonprofits as volunteers. 

The Method

How to Engage Retirees in a Proactive Manner

NM-NEW is committed to the well-being and sustained economic growth of its members, the local community, and the State of New Mexico. Pathways of engagement will be provided through a HUB of connections to resources consisting of three programs:

  • Never Stop Learning
  • Work and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Social Engagement and Community Building

Program Objectives

Offer easy access and help people engage at the pace they want, to provide support to the business, education, and nonprofit sectors in our community, bringing meaning and purpose to the participants;

Create value for our community through retirees and those considering an age 50+ career change– to live fulfilling lives in a post-COVID world;

Help retired and near-retired New Mexicans consider and implement behaviors for a fulfilling set of life activities that are personally rewarding while contributing to our community.

Improve our communities and natural environment through the commitment, skills, experiences, and wisdom of New Elders;

Assist NM-NEW members in determining the right level of engagement for them across focus areas such as: earning a paycheck, contributing to the community voluntarily, hobbies, leisure activities, and family.

Benefits of a Centralized HUB

  • Takes a proactive approach to engage those in the 50+ age cohort;

  • Creates the conditions for New Elders to make meaningful connections and thrive;

  • Engages New Elders into a vibrant community of fellow travelers;
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for the entrepreneurial, nonprofit, and civic ecosystems of New Mexico and as a response to the demand for New Elder wisdom. 

  • Provides an offramp for large employers as their workforce considers retirement;

  • Creates jobs and keeps New Elders actively engaged in the economy;

  • Combats healthcare issues driven by conditions such as isolation and loneliness.

  • Provides a valuable resource to keep retirees in New Mexico and attract new ones.


NM-NEW believes the formula for providing effective, cost-efficient, and high-quality programs includes collaboration with many community organizations. We will continue to build partnerships. To date, NM-NEW is grateful to have received letters of support from the following organizations:

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Foundation Supporters

We are grateful to have received financial support from the following foundations:

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NM-NEW online learning events are free for New Mexico New Elders to attend,

thanks to the generosity of our sponsors:

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Financial Management

NM-NEW has partnered with 501(C)PA, a New Mexico based full service financial management firm overseeing compliance requirements by the IRS, state, and grantors, while providing 

auditing, financial reporting, and Board oversight.

Our Commitment 

to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Difference

It is a high priority for us to foster and maintain an environment where diversity and inclusion

are valued and realized to the benefit of those we serve.

We believe strongly in treating everyone fairly and value the full diversity of our

colleagues, board of directors, members, partners and vendors.

Inclusion is how we live our commitment to fairness and diversity.

It shapes how we honor the perspectives, abilities and identities of our colleagues; how we listen to, engage

and respond to our audience; and how we connect to and appreciate each other and those we serve. 

We define diversity as differences that influence and affect our organization, our workplace culture and the communities

and members we serve. Our commitment to inclusion doesn’t mean that we must agree on everything

nor does it mean that those who do not agree cannot be part of our community.

What our commitment does mean is that our differences require that we be inclusive, respectful of each other

and that we take seriously the responsibility that we have to honor each other’s right to be different.

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