Entrepreneurs and small-business owners are a cornerstone of our state’s economy and are essential to the fabric of our rural, urban, and suburban communities. That is why we must make every effort to support North Carolina’s small businesses, their employees, and the communities they serve.

To support the work of our state’s entrepreneurs and small-business owners and advocates, the NC Rural Center has formed the NC Small Business Coalition. The NC Small Business Coalition represents a diverse and growing consortium of small business owners, support providers, nonprofits, local governments, chambers of commerce, and other entrepreneurship advocates and champions across the state calling for long-term and sustainable policy solutions to embolden the economic opportunities available to our state's small businesses.

Guided by North Carolina’s New Small Business Plan, the Coalition’s work and engagement is focused expressly on empowering entrepreneurs and ensuring their voices and experiences are at the center of North Carolina’s changing small-business ecosystem. The policy recommendations in North Carolina’s New Small Business Plan, directly address the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in the areas of funding, support, opportunity, and knowledge, which we’re confident sets North Carolina’s current and future business owners up for success for years to come.


Read the full North Carolina’s New Small Business Plan: A Pathway to Prosperity for All

Please click the link below to join the North Carolina Small Business Coalition and show your support for our state’s entrepreneurs and North Carolina’s New Business Plan.