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Business & Community Networker Foundation empowers young and experienced entrepreneurs through the power of continuous education, experiential community involvement and networking.

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Business & Community Networker Foundation was Founded in 2012 in Miami, FL. Location considered today, Latin America’s Headquarter and melting pot of many cultures. According to the last 2022 census, there are about 62 million Hispanics in the United States. Our organization has deep commitment to diversity and has huge opportunity to magnify the impact of Hispanics by tapping into the rich cultural diversity of this community.


The core of everything we do is networking, our networking platform provides our members with the opportunity to connect both physically and virtually to share and grow their business relationships with other Hispanic market serving small and mid-sized emerging companies (SMEs) and large established public enterprises who are investing in the Hispanic market in South Florida.

SMEs are considered the backbone of the United States economy and the largest employers in the world, generating between 60% to 70% of employment worldwide. At Business & Community Networker Foundation we understand the value of relationships and are constantly looking for new links that benefit our members, we connect our members and partners with new potential opportunities for business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships.


As an organization, we seek to provide value to our community, our members, and our business partners with the goal of increasing cultural awareness of Hispanics in the United States and advance our social purpose.

We are Business & Community Networker


What we offer?:

  • Face-to-face and online courses
  • Short and medium-term workshops


  • Conferences
  • Networking meetings
  • Webinar
  • Workshops, etc.


  • Economy
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • legal issues  
  • Education

Maria Antonieta Hernández

President & CEO

Community Networker

786-312-7675 (Spanish)

Jose Ramon Aguirrechu

Vice President

Executive / Business Consultant

305-331-1424 (English) 

[email protected]

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You Can Accomplish All this and More, When you use the Most Effective and Inexpensive Resource you Have: Networking

Community Networker With a history of more than 13 years, This is the Networking Event for Entrepreneurs in Miami, with the Greatest Cultural Diversity.

Because we have created an ideal environment for you to be able to find and take advantage of incredible opportunities with key business people, willing to unite their skills and resources with you, and thus obtain exponential growth and consequently a greater impact.

And the best thing is that you, as a participant, will be able to present your product, service, idea or project, in a more intimate and privileged dynamic of interaction, called Round Table.

With this type of Networking one-on-one, you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with an Exclusive Group of 20 Business and Corporate Leaders, to whom you will be able to speak directly about Your Business.

This Event Was Designed for you to Live an Experience that mixes Learning, Networking Relationships and Entertainment, all at the same time.

If You at This Moment:

As the creator and organizer of the Business Expo, I have been able to verify that 64% of the participants do not prepare adequately for this type of expos, which limits their participation to only being mere spectators and reduces their success to only 30%

The problem is, if you are not prepared to answer this to a Potential Investor:

⚪ What is your Business about and how do you do it.

⚪ What benefits he will obtain, if he decides to Become a Partner.

⚪ What is your True and Unique Value.


Your Entrepreneurship will go unnoticed and you will lost a Great Opportunity to attract and impress as many contacts as possible.

Exclusively and before its official realease

The book “Succeed as a Latino Entrepreneur”

Practical guide for entrepreneurs, who went from dream to action, in the United States.

from the CEO of Community Networker

María Antonieta Hernández.

Signed and with a VIP invitation to the event private launch, as a business partner.

At this point, we want to tell you Who we Are and How we can HELP YOU avoid the failure of your Entrepreneurship.

My name is María Antonieta Hernández and I am the President and CEO of Community Networker and like you I came here and started my Bussines with Excitement.


I am from Venezuela and in my country I was a Children's Clothes wholesaler, a business in which I achieved excellent returns, therefore when I arrived in Miami, I thought that I could do the same here.

The results?

I lost all my financial resources, I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

If anyone knows what it's like to come to Florida and put their time, money, and everything they own into a business and then lose it all, it's me.

After this, I started as volunteer in Chambers of Commerce and foundations that helped small entrepreneurs. There, when listening to my story replicated in people who came from other Latin America, I understood that, like the former tennis player, we didn't know how to adapt and we allowed ignorance and impulse to lead us to failure.


Then I found my purpose: To help people of different nationalities, to meet and connect with key people, that could support them to start a successful Business in South Florida.


1. Are an Entrepreneur or Business Person in Miami.


2. Have a Business Idea and you want to meet Potential Investors.


3. Have an Enterprise with more than 3 years and you still cannot make it grow.


4. Replicated the business you had in your native country, but it is not working here.


5. Want to start a Business in Miami and you don't know how the system works in the USA: Permits, Taxes, Personnel Hiring Laws, among others.