Kinky Congress:

A Night of Exploration and Connection

Hosted by Stacie Ysidro and Johnny Vajra

Most people go to a dungeon and see masters at their craft playing and feel intimidated to explore. 

The Kinky Congress is a space for the curious explorers to

play, practice, and experience without judgment. 

This is a space where the masters are here to serve and guide you.

Join us for a night of indulgence, learning, and connection at the

Kinky Congress

doors open at 6:30

starting at 7:00 PM.

This unique event is designed for singles, partners, and friends

who want to take their knowledge and skills from classes and workshops

into a dynamic and interactive environment. It's an opportunity to delve into the world of kink, experiment with various equipment and sensory items,

and create connections with like-minded individuals.

**Event Highlights:**

Starter Demos!

Steve and Melissa will be demoing


- **Discretion:** Confidentiality is one of our #1 priorities and must be agreed to in order to participate (see container agreements in auto confirmations).

Space is limited!

The doors will open at 6:45pm and entry closes at 7:10pm

you may leave at any time (don't have to stay till end of night)

If you are late ( after 7:10pm) you can NOT attend,

once you leave there is no re-entry

- **Playful Exploration:** Immerse yourself in a safe and encouraging atmosphere where you can explore your desires and experiment with different techniques. Professionals and novices alike will be on hand to provide assistance and encouragement co creating an environment of mutual learning, celebration and pleasure.

- **Knowledge Sharing:** At Kinky Congress, the mantra is "each one, teach one." Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting your journey, share your experiences and insights with others. This event celebrates the spirit of learning and collaboration.

- **Dynamic Stations:** Every event offers fresh, new stations for you to engage with. From tactile adventures to imaginative setups, each station is an opportunity to explore new realms of sensation and pleasure.

- **Consent-Centric:** The foundation of Kinky Congress is built upon enthusiastic consent. Every participant must agree to our container agreements, ensuring a respectful and comfortable environment for all. Consent is paramount, and everyone must be in agreement with our container agreements listed on our website and in confirmation email and page.

- **Clothing Optional:** Dress UP** Express yourself authentically by wearing your favorite fetish, kink, seductive, or playful attire. This is a judgment-free zone where you're encouraged to embrace your individuality and personas.

- **Bring Your Arsenal:** Don't forget to bring your toys, accessories, and personal protection products. Stay hydrated with your own water bottle and an open mind. Approach the event with curiosity, a willingness to explore, and a heart full of love

Some of the stations available for practice/play


Massage setups

Tantric space

Sensation items


St Andrews Cross

Breeder bench

Spanking bench

Spoiler bench

Double .... machine

Cross Dress up with mirror


Cuddle puddle

'No play' space/neutral zone

Ultra violet wand (electricity)

and more!

what do you want to contribute??  

What to Bring

Favorite blanket, pillow or 'nest' items


Toys, sensation items

Beverage or snack you will want

Towle or wet blanket

Personal protection items 

Flow of event

6:30 to 7pm Meet and greet: bring a beverage or snack mix and mingle

Doors Close at 7:10pm

7pm to 11pm

Introductions, tour of space/stations, demo and

Open play  

The doors will open at 6:30pm and entry closes at 7:10pm

you may leave at any time (don't have to stay till end of night)

If you are late ( after 7:10pm) you can NOT attend,

once you leave there is no re-entry

Who its for

Try new things

Want to learn

Have taken some classes and want practice time

Want to practice with option for assistance or to ask questions or get feedback

Find what you like

Learn to set Container/create safety in self

Connect with others with similar interests

Participate in community

Have fun

Improve communication

Deepen intimacy

Build trust

Need a date night

Explore pleasure 

Who it's NOT for/what it's not

Don't want to be around other people

Don't want to be in a clothing optional situation

Are a NO to explicit language

Under 21

A swinger party

Are not a full YES

Coaching session or private lesson

Address given upon ticket purchase on eventbrite (or Venmo @ravenala) in confirmation email and confirmation page

Email or set up a 15 min call with Stacie if you have any questions [email protected] or 'message organizer' on Eventbrite