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Higher Ground

A Study in Deuteronomy

A study on PRAYER / A study on INTIMACY / A study on DISCERNING GOD'S VOICE

With the increase in false teachers and ungodly ideologies, it's important we know what God is saying. It's important we discern what's right. Yet, many believers have a hard time hearing God's voice. That's why we're bringing this Bible study to you. As the people of God were getting ready to enter into the Promised Land, God wanted them to know Him, worship Him, and hear Him speak. Author and Bible teacher, Sheryl Pellatiro, invites you on a 10-week journey to deeper intimacy with Jesus.

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Sheryl Pellatiro is the founder and director of Solid Truth Ministries, a ministry committed to empowering believers with solid truth. She has been teaching and writing Bible studies for almost thirty years, ministering to hundreds at a time. Sheryl has a thriving online ministry that includes weekly Bible teachings. 

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We hope you'll join us ONLINE as we climb to higher ground in our relationship with Jesus.

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